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About EcoTour Directory

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Our Mission

Ecotour Directory is a social enterprise start up with a philanthropic vision. Our passion and mission is to improve conservation at a local level on a global scale through the promotion of ecotourism online.

Our aim is to create a platform to amplify a global community of knowledgeable and passionate travelers, naturalists and conservationists; utilising our online marketing skills to take the message to a vast audience, providing a catalyst for activism and involvement at a multitude of levels in society globally.

Although there are some fantastic ecotourism resources already available on the web there are very few directories that allow you to easily find and contact ecotourism travel businesses directly.

Our aims and objectives

We want our directory to become the online resource for any traveler who is planning or interested in going on an ecotour.

Our aim is also to provide ecotour operators the opportunity to promote their business and ecotourism principles on a level playing field, regardless of their size and marketing budget. We feel that we have achieved this by:

Offering one standard listing type and giving a dedicated page to each listing.

Allowing businesses with and without an existing online presence to get listed.

Not allowing sponsored or pay-for-position placements.

Not taking commission or referral fees from the ecotour operator.

Every application that is made to our directory is reviewed before it is accepted. Our aim is to only include ecotour operators that demonstrate in some way their commitment to actively contributing to environmental/ social and/ or economic issues relevant to their destinations.

Due to the complexity of the ecotourism concept we do not claim to have tackled all relevant issues. However we do provide a link between the tourism industry and tourists who are equally concerned for the environment and local communities.

Partner with us or make a suggestion

We are always welcome to suggestions or offers for partnership in helping to promote ecotourism. If you have an idea please contact us and we will get back to you with a response ASAP. Read more about our current partners

Link to EcoTour Directory

You can use the following code to link to EcoTour Directory:

This will then look like this:

Ecotourism Directory - A human edited, non-biased directory of Ecotours and Operators providing travelers with a list of organisations in order to help plan their next ecotourism experience.

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