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We are committed to developing new partnerships for the continued promotion of ecotourism and related areas. Below are a list of organisations who we are currently working with.

Sustainable Travel International \ Greem Dilemma |  Future Forests \ Adventure Business Consultants

Sustainable Travel International
Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible tourism, supporting sustainable development and helping travelers and travel companies protect the environments and cultures they visit. STI provides a myriad of programs including educational training courses, travelers' philanthropy, carbon offsets, and eco-certification for responsible travel companies.

Green Dilemma
Every day 1000's of us are faced with more and more environmental dilemmas.

Should you replace normal light bulbs with low energy bulbs immediately, or wait till the normal ones fail? Should I travel by bus or train? Should I cook with the microwave, grill or oven? If the microwave is best, where do I draw the line with packaging?

In response to these questions, Green Dilemma has created a web forum to try to help us make the greenest choice when faced with a environmental conundrum. We don't have the answers and we don't expect many (if any) of the questions to have black or white answers.

We hope to put forward your questions and get responses from many people with varying viewpoints. Visit www.greendilemma.com

Future Forests - For a Carbon Neutral World
Since 1997 Future Forests has been working with companies and individuals helping them to understand all about global warming and what positive steps we can all take to make a difference. How it works is that with the help of their carbon science partners, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, they can work out how much carbon dioxide is created by a certain activity, say taking a flight, and ways in which this can be balanced out either through forestry or a low carbon technology projects such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs in the Caribbean making you and that flight CarbonNeutral®.

Greenstone Carbon Management

Greenstone Carbon Management is a contemporary business specialising in carbon management reduction & offset in the areas of transport & travel including fleet (cars, vans, and trucks), rail and air travel. Our business is to identify your company’s greenhouse gas emissions from your travel & transport activities, work with you to put in place a plan to reduce carbon output, measure the ongoing performance and to ensure that your strategy delivers clearly identifiable bottom line savings whilst building sustainable practices to enhance your CSRP.

Our services include consulting and advisory (carbon footprint), bespoke Greenstone Carbon Software to capture and measure your emissions on an ongoing basis and provide renewable energy and forestry offset programmes. We use robust methodologies supported by sector-experienced consultants, bespoke software and rigorous processes. Greenstone Carbon Management is supported by an Independent advisory to ensure that all emission reductions and offsets are verified.

Adventure Business Consultants specialize in tourism marketing, business consulting and professional development products for outdoor tourism professionals. Since 1994, they have helped dozens of adventure travel, ecotourism, nature and cultural tour operators with travel marketing, ecotourism and destination marketing, adventure travel business consulting, marketing books and products, free articles and E-mail newsletters.


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