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Guidelines for Ecotravel - Responsible Travel Advice


Stuffyourrucksack.com is an online
community that helps responsible travellers
make a practical difference to the lives of those
in developing countries that have so little, and
deserve so much more.

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As an eco- traveller it is your responsibility to prevent or minimise any negative impacts on the environment, local community and economy of the destination you are visiting. Our aim is to provide guidelines that will help you to remember the principles of ecotourism throughout your trip.

Before you go

During your Stay

On return

Continue with your commitment to conservation at home by incorporating it into everyday life. Support organisations or societies that follow eco-principles and share your experiences with others with the goal of increasing awareness of environmental issues.


These recommended guidelines should be followed by all eco-travellers. However by choosing a tour operator through EcoTour Directory, a small part of the work has been done for you as the eco-policies of every listed operator has already been reviewed; and is displayed for you to read about.

By encouraging the tourism industry to comply with these policies on a local, regional and national level the aim is to restructure the tourism industry into making a positive impact towards environmental sustainability, economic sustainability for all stakeholders and the preservation of culture. By choosing only travel providers that hold eco-principles, the rest of the tourism industry will be forced to follow due to the power of consumer demand.

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Eco Friendly Kit:

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Share your Eco Travel Tips:

Did we miss anything? What would you add onto the guidelines for an eco traveller?



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