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Nature, Wildlife and Cultural Photography

Wildlife Photography

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Article on Wildlife Photography
kindly provided by:

Deb Tappan - www.dstappan.com

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While on your travels to the far reaches of the planet you may feel the need to capture your experiences on your camera. It is probably one of the only ways besides your memory to get a true picture in years to come of your memorable trip.

"Responsible photography is very much like responsible travel. With a thorough knowledge of the place you’re visiting, a genuine interest in sharing and not just taking, an alert intuition, an open mind, enough time, and a little luck, photography abroad—just like travel itself—can be a vehicle to build bridges."(Jim Kane - culturexplorers.com)

Here are some recommended tips that you should follow when on an eco tour with your camera:

Wildlife Photography

These guidelines are designed to ensure no harm is done to wildlife or their natural habitats. This is accomplished by following the points given below and by inquiring into and abiding by the rules and regulations of the area (national park, wilderness area, etc.) you are visiting. Be aware that the ecosystem you visit may be fragile, so tread gently and practice “leave no trace” principles.

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