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Algeria's location is in North Africa, it borders the Mediterranean sea and sits between Morocco and Tunisia with Algiers as the capital.

Ecotourism is Algeria is growing. Large areas have become protected and National Parks have been established. Algeria has many opportunities for exploring the diverse landscape such as horse or camel back riding along the vast Mediterranean coastline or trekking in the Saharan atlas mountains. One of the most popular ecotourism locations has been designated an UNESCO world heritage site. The Tassili n'Ajjer National Park boasts a stunning mountain range, woodlands and amazing rock arches created by the composition of sandstone in the area.

Algerians speak Arabic, Berber dialects and French. Religions are made up of Sunni Muslims, Jewish and Christian religions. The currency of Algeria is the Algeria Dinar split into 100 centimes.

The climate in Algeria is typical of the Mediterranean, warm and dry in the summer, however as you go inland from the coast it becomes more arid. Winters are wet and the high plateaus can be very cold.

Visas are required for all travel to Algeria which can be obtained from the airport on arrival. Inoculations needed are Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A. There is a moderate to low risk of contracting Malaria.

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Travel with Respect

As in all of North Africa, the majority religion is Islam and the normal religious prohibitions and attitudes will apply. When visiting a mosque, for example, be sure to remove your shoes as well as dress conservatively. The exact situation regarding alcohol is not the same around the country, some conservative cities do not have any bars or liquor stores. Keep in mind to only drink at home or in a bar, never on the street.Also, given the recent political strife, talking politics is probably not advisable.

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Travel Safe

We have no travel safety advice at present.

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