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Cooper Creek Wilderness

Cooper Creek Wilderness

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Contact email:
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+61 07 4098 9126

+61 07 4098 9097

Lot 52 Cooper Creek
Cape Tribulation Road
PO BOX 590, Mossman
Queensland, 4873

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The Daintree is a national icon that evokes images of the ancient and environmentally sacred. Its rainforests contain the most extensive remnant populations of primitive angiosperms (flowering plants) and the greatest concentration of plant and animal species whose conservation status is either rare or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world.

It contains a treasure-trove of biodiversity, rare and endemic species and a continuous living history depicting the evolution of plant and animal species over a greater period than any other
natural terrestrial landscape in the world.

At its heart lies Cooper Creek Wilderness a privately owned World Heritage Nature Refuge where rainforest travellers can experience the amazing biodiversity, complexity and beauty on guided, interpreted walks with a local inhabitant and in small exclusive groups.

Primitive Licuala fan palms, only found in northern Queensland, dominate the forest and create imposing natural galleries that block out the light to create an understorey of rare and ancient plants. The whole effect is awe inspiring grandeur. This is the closest living counterpart to the old-world forests of Gondwana.

Situated directly below the highest mountain in the area, Thornton Peak, the Cooper Creek catchment has its own special microclimate and topography that has protected and maintained its living museum of ancient and primitive flora and fauna for about 135 million years.

Management and conservation of the Daintree are dependent on developing a style of tourism that financially supports the local community while protecting the integrity and values of the rainforest.

Cooper Creek Wilderness offers a range of tours that allow visitors to experience the magnificence of the rainforest and contribute to its conservation and management.

Visitors self-drive to Cooper Creek Wilderness. Courtesy transfers from Cape Tribulation available by arrangements.

Guided Interpreted Day Walks (CCW1)
Walk through spectacular fan palm rainforest on natural trails with a small exclusive group. Enjoy a swim in Cooper Creek after your walk.

Guided Interpreted Night Walks (CCW2)
Explore the nocturnal sounds and movements of the night with a local guide who lives in this secretive environment.

Times: 9.00am, 2.00pm, 8.00pm Day Price: $35 Adult $25 Ch U14 Night Price: $35 Adults (No Children’s Rate)

Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience Package (CCW3)
Immerse yourself fully with a three-quarter day tour comprising 2-hour guided, interpreted walk, 1-hour cruise through the mangroves in search of the elusive crocodiles, a la carte lunch overlooking Cooper Creek and a leisurely swim in the crystal clear blue waterholes. Times: 9.00am, 11.15am, Price: $105.00 Adult $85 Children U14

Combination Day and Night Package (CCW4A)
Day Walk, Swim, Evening Meal & Night Walk. 2.00pm to 10.00pm $130.00

Combination Cooper Creek Wilderness Day Package with Night Package (CCW4B)
Highly recommended Day Package CCW3 plus Evening Meal & Night Walk. This is the Ultimate Daintree tour combining the beauty and bio-diversity of the Day Tour with the secretive and fascinating creatures of the night. Times: 11.15am to 10.00pm Price: $195.00 Adult $175 Children U14 walks, special packages. Small groups, max 6 $150.00 / hour + $25 per Private

Charters (CCW5)
Special Interest, families, shorter or longer additional person per hour for larger groups up to 12. Times to suit.

All tours are self drive to Cooper Creek Wilderness. Cape Tribulation Resorts & booking agents may request transfers by arrangement from within the Area.


EcoTourism Policies

Cooper Creek Wilderness has advanced ecotourism accreditation under the National Ecotourism Accreditation Program, for both its facilities and services.

Experienced local guides share their enthusiasm and knowledge of this unique rainforest environment on guided, interpreted tours during the day and night in the Daintree.

The Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest is a global treasure of
exceptional biodiversity, complexity and beauty. The major scenic portion of the area through which tourism passes is freehold, therefore the role of ecotourism in providing financial support for its conservation is of paramount importance.

With the support of governments and the tourism industry, the Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest Community could become the exemplary model of cost-effective rainforest stewardship that will be universally inspiring to other rainforest communities in other countries.

Cooper Creek Wilderness is a company established to manage and conserve World Heritage rainforest. Its funding is derived from a style of tourism that respects the fragility, biodiversity and antiquity of the land.

Cooper Creek Wilderness adheres to the principles of ecotourism, defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people.

Through its management plan Cooper Creek Wilderness aims to
present the exceptional values of the sacred heart of the Daintree to tourists who aspire to a higher level of interpretation and in exclusive groups.

In the development of its products, Cooper Creek Wilderness aims to establish mutually supportive partnerships that foster a shared vision for conservation of the exceptional rainforest and financial benefits derived from high quality tourism.

A successful outcome for Cooper Creek Wilderness would be improved and expanded habitat, informed visitors who are able to transmit the values to present and future generations, and an assured lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment.

The ultimate goal would be participation in a community that resides in harmony with its surroundings and is valued by Australia as an exemplary model of rainforest habitation based on conservation and sustainable ecotourism.

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