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Dolphin Connection Experience, Azores

Bottle Nose Dophin and Whale in the Azores

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The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see whales.

This is a very exciting opportunity and it is common to sight sperm whales and a variety of other cetaceans. There is a good chance to see the Blue Whale, the biggest mammal on earth! as well as fin and sei whales. Several other whale species and 5 different species of dolphin live whoin these waters during the summer months too.

Our trips are arranged from The base for observation cetacean’s in the Azores. This holiday adventure is with one of the most established whale and dolphin companies on the islands

They have been taking groups to see the whales and dolphins for 20 years and offer a high standard of professionalism and expertise on the water. You will be hosted by the local team including the resident marine biologist and be part of a group on the boats .

In the early summer months there is a good chance to see the " Baleen" Whales ( largest whales ) on their migration routtes to their feeding grounds of the northern Atlantic passing close to the islands of the Azores.,

It is possible to observe Sei, Fin and Blue Whales, at this time, as well as Short Finned Pilot Whales, orca and of course Sperm Whales ( many of whom are resident species here )and 5 species of dolphin, Sea Birds, and Marine life, such as Turtles and Manta Ray

Eco Policies

We have spent a great deal of time researching each location and only work with local people and companies who have high standards of professional expertise and environmental awareness, as well as considerable wisdom and sensitivity in how they approach the whales. Our relationships with the local people have grown over the years in mutual trust and respect - it is a privilege to introduce our guests to them and cultivate a unique, sustainable eco-tourism.

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