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Benin is located in West Africa. It borders Burkina Faso, Togo and Nigeria and Porto-Novo is the official capital. French, Fon, Yoruba, Bariba, Dendi are the languages spoken. Religions practised are indigenous beliefs, Christian and Islam.

There are many eco friendly options for the responsible tourist. Benin has forests with birds, butterflies and monkeys and rare species of flora and fauna. It also has a 124 kilometers long coastline. In the parks you can spot cheetah, elephant, lion and antelope. On the river you can spot manatees and hippos by boat.

Activities include climbing in the Atacora mountain chain and caving in mysterious holes and caverns of Agongouinto. For bird lovers visit lake Toho, where a large variety of migratory water birds can be spotted. Further sites of interest includes Ganvie, Africa's unique floating villages built on stilts which has a population of several thousand.

Why not visit at a local village and try the local cuisine which includes fresh water fishes, crushed cassava and the meat of local cain rat.

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Travel Safe

The best way to stay safe in Benin is to always always always be in the presence of a local person whom you can trust, such as a friend or even a hired tourist guide. This will keep you safe in a number of ways. For example they know which areas are safe and which are not, they know the prices of things so you won't get ripped off, they speak the native languages, they know which venues sell good food that is safe for westerners to eat, basically they would protect you in all aspects. Some people may be resistant to the idea of being reliant on a local person but honestly it is the only way to stay safe. For women, avoid travelling alone, try to be in the company of other people as much as possible. Do not travel at night alone, attacks along the beaches are frequent, and of course near hotels, nightclubs and other venues. Benin is a peaceful country and the people are very kind and generous, but that being said muggings and robberies occur everywhere no matter how peaceful the place so be on guard.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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