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Ecotourism Brazil

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Find an eco tour in Brazil. A list of eco tour operators, travel agents and accommodation providers either based in or that can organise trips to Brazil. Each listing includes a full page description so click for more information.

Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Eco Accommodation in Brazil

Adventure Eco Tour Brazil
Brazil Adventure International is a Sao Paulo based tour operator offering trekking & hiking tours through the Atlantic Rainforest Reserves on Brazil's seaboard (UNESCO World Heritage).

Ela Brasil Tours
Ela Brasil Tours is a Brazilian owned company organizing unique trips inside Brazil. Nature tours, community involvement, documentary productions, volunteer vacations, family and specialized holidays.

Travel agents that can arrange tailor made eco holidays to Brazil:

Terra Incognita ECOTOURS - Brazil
Experience a South American Savannah safari that will include sightings of Jaguars, Tapirs, Macaws and much more. The Pantanal is the largest inundated plain in the world and is a refuge for many endangered species like the jaguar, hyacinth macaw, the giant anteater and the giant otter. Stay in comfortable lodges, camps and a 35,000 acre working cattle ranch.

Voga Travel Brazil
The Brazil Boutique Tour by Voga is a unique and private tour of beautiful Brazil whilst avoiding, for the most part, tourist traps and chain hotels and seeking out true Brazil and its inherent culture. The tour includes deluxe boutique accommodation, all private tours with plenty of spare time at leisure.

Latin Trails
Latin Trails have over 22 years of travel experience in South America. They develop programs for local tour operators and helping communities grow through sustainable tourism.

Gecko's Adventures
Small groups, great prices… Gecko's offers the value and freedom of backpacking, without the hassles. Your local leader will take you off the beaten track, but you won't miss out on the famous sites! 181 adventures across 50 countries.

Amerika Venture
Ecotourism, documentary production, scientific & study travel, adventure group tours throughout the Americas. Experts in thematic group travel, adventure & ecotourism in Canada and Latin America.

A Closer Look Travel
Specializes in booking eco travel, community (real cultural connection) travel and volunteer travel. We have one of the largest databases (about 3,300) of worldwide sustainable travel opportunities in the US.

Explore Worldwide
Explore pioneers small, group adventure holidays around the world. Explore’s responsible tourism policy is the cornerstone of the company's approach to tour operating.

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Ecotourism Brazil Articles & Resources

Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Brazil.

Articles on ecotourdirectory.com:

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Travel with Respect

Brazilians tend to be very open and talk freely about their problems, especially about political corruption and other problems. But don't imitate them, as they are likely to feel offended if you criticize their country or customs. In some small towns, local politics can be a sensitive issue and you should be careful when talking about it. Be polite, as always.As of their revision of the 1988 Constitution, Brazil has a strong law against racism, according to which racism is a crime for which bail is not available,and must be met with imprisonment. This is taken very seriously.Though racial tolerance is not as widespread as would be desired in Brazil, racism is also very frowned upon,so it's better not to take your chances,as it can result in serious problems. Any person who feels discriminated for their skin color (or for being jew or any other ethnic, the law is Comprehensive) can and sometimes will prosecute the offender.On that note,refrain from making any racist remarks anywhere in the country.Remember that Portuguese is not Spanish. Both languages can be very similar, but they differ in vocabulary and verb conjugation. It's ok to mix Portuguese with Spanish sometimes, especially because Portuguese may be difficult for foreigners, but don't expect people to understand what you're saying 100% of the time.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Although not in every large city, but one of the unfortunate sides of travel in Brazil is the endemic violent street crime. Brazil's large cities, especially of the north, northeast and southeast states, are notorious for attacks (against foreigners and locals alike). However, taking extra precautions and using common sense to keep yourself safe while travelling in Brazil will allow you to enjoy your stay without any incidents, like millions of visitors do every year.Do not walk around big cities late at night -- take taxis instead. On no account ever try to enter a slum ("favela") without a guide and do not walk down shadowy streets at night. If you cannot depend on a Brazilian friend or relative to be your guide, consult a travel book to learn which areas of the city to avoid, as well as other safety tips. Use your hotel's safe for any valuables. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash, wearing expensive or expensive-looking jewelry, and carrying any unnecessary electronic gadgets, loose purses or bags. Try to stash some extra money in a hidden spot, such as a shoe or money belt -- to make sure you can get back to your hotel. Pay attention to the way the locals dress and try to blend in the crowds: looking like a foreigner (e.g. dark socks with sandals) is not wise as thieves will be after you for your money if they instantly see you are a gringo.Always carry a small amount of cash that you can hand over quickly in a case of a mugging. However, don't keep it somewhere easily seen such as in a men's shirt pocket, as that will increase your risk. Under no circustances try to run away or resist. Do not carry "deterrence" weapons. Stay calm and comply with their demands, and you're unlikely to be hurt. Muggers will almost certainly outnumber and outsmart you, and "trying to be a hero" will achieve nothing apart from injury or death.You don't need to carry your passport to walk in the city but if you like this, use a little pocket inside your clothes (you can buy in airport mall). But be sure to have a photocopy of your passport with you at all times as required by law (Brazilian police have the right to request identification, i.e. documents, from anyone behaving suspiciously).

Information from wikitravel.org*


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* ecotourdirectory.com is not responsible for the travel advice and travel with respect sections on this page. We would strongly advise that before traveling to Brazil you consult your countries embassy for the lastest guidance.

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