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Ela Brasil Tours

Brazil Eco Tours

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Norwalk, 06851

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We are an exclusive and bespoke USA based tour operator catering to a select clientele - The Responsible Traveller.

Trips inside Brazil consist of tailor-made itineraries, as well as, volunteer vacations. We take into consideration the importance of allowing travellers to be active participants and to be able to exchange cultural experiences with locals.

While encouraging sustainable tourism we try to educate travellers of the importance of nature conservancy and respect for cultural diversity.

Efforts like these have proven to achieve positive results in the local communities in addition to provide memorable holidays for travellers.

This innovative approach advocates a singular way of travelling within Brazil, independently.

Although we also offer fully guided tours, we strongly feel that the most fulfilling experiences are lived by curious travellers looking for that little "extra" something.

Prior to embarking on their journey, travellers received an extensive amount of information and guidance pertaining to each location to be visited and an overview of the country's social status.

Inside Ela Brasil Tours we are cautious whne choosing partners. The main goal is to offer a sustainable, responsible and mostly pleasurable form of travel. This can only be achieved when conscious and caring individuals work together for the same cause.

Our wonderfully resourceful Brazilian team is capable of working with us on each request and transform it into a personalized itinerary, satisfying even the most demanding traveller.

Volunteer vacations have the opportunity to offer travellers wanting to partcipate closely in cientific operations, an unmatched holiday. There are limitations on the number of volunteers per project but travellers have the option of choosing the dates that best fit their schedule.

Travellers can opt to work for a minimum of 1 week up to 4 weeks at a time and will need to be prepared to work and help researchers on various chores during their stay.

Accommodations are either in small Inns, on boats or at a research facility. These are considered to be basic of standards yet very comfortable and with good attentive service.

Prices for all travel services are quoted per request. Although we organized tours for large groups ( up to 30 paxs) we prefer to work on a very small scale where attention to each traveller is given on a personal basis and negative impact on the location is kept to a minimum.

EcoTourism Policies

Hotel and accommodations:

Small locally owned and run by local staff. Attention and work with community is preffered and requested. Must prove actions reflecting concern for the enviroment and show practices used to minimize negative environmental actions.

*Due to social problems and security in larger cities, Sao Paulo and
Rio de Janeiro, we try to keep security as our main focus.

Tours and guides:

Local bi-lingual trained guides. Tours can be done on foot eliminating the need for a motor vehicle, by public trasportation and also bicycles. The use of motor vehicle is necessary for tours to distant locations or day trips.

Travellers are encouraged to stay in one location at a time in order to maximize their experience.

Carbon Dioxide emission:

Travellers are suggested to off-set their carbon dioxide emission by making a donation to www.climatecare.org ahead of travelling. (Also see Future Forests)

Children exploitation and Sexual Tourism:

Locations where the problems of sexual and children exploitation are not addressed by the local authorities are not included in our trip advisory.

Polices and groups we belong to:




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