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Amerika Venture

 Amerika Aventure

www.amerikaventure.com external site

Contact email:
info@amerikaventure.com external site


Toll free in North America:


CP 689, St-Lazare (Quebec)
J7T2Z7 Canada

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  Tour Guides in South America

A tour operator - guides and thematic travel specialists - at the service of travelers in search of discovery, true adventure and encounter in North & Latin America !

Our guided tours always include accommodations in charming inns and hotels, transports in a private and comfortable vehicle, all activities, some or all meals and the services of a friendly and knowledgeable professional guide who accompanies you throughout your tour.

We are devoted to the traveler who chooses adventure travel aiming to meet, discover and learn about the people and the lands we visit face to face! We propose dynamic programs focused on nature and culture permitting an in-depth immersion in the various environments.

In our small groups travel people from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland and many other countries around the world allowing a cultural interaction and enrichment not only between the travelers and the locals but also between the travelers themselves. We privilege hiking as a means of transportation to explore the regions and discover the cultures.

We are a Canadian tour operator offering travelers a complete service of planning and operation of tours throughout the American continent. We take in hand the logistical aspects of any travel project in North, Central or South America and we have been doing it - as a team - since 1996. Our team consists of professional polyglot guides and project managers (who themselves are very experienced guides).

We developed and operated, over the past years, student training courses abroad, international TV projects, research expeditions and scientific studies, numerous ecotourism and adventure tours as well as a broad range of divers thematic group travel projects in North, Central and South America.

Our team of polyglot, multidisciplinary and multiethnic guides (Canadians, Germans, French, Costa Ricans, Ecuadorians and Peruvians) works today in association with travel agencies, student organizations, a TV crew, independent groups of travelers and a scientific group of studies coming from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover our great continent. We're happy to offer our services in French, English, German and Spanish.

Productions Amerik Aventure Inc. is a Canadian company covered for professional liability for an amount of 2 millions $CAD for all its operations throughout the American continent. Our well experienced guides are certified for the types of activities they lead and they are trained and kept up-to-date for giving first aid and managing emergency situations. Our main office is located in St-Lazare (Montreal) Canada and we have an operation assisting office in San José, Costa Rica, as well as guides based in various countries of the Americas ( Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru).

We currently offer, on a regular basis, throughout the year the following tours:

North America
QEA - 12 - Hiking in Eastern Canada, Quebec
QEB - 08 - Canoeing the Rivers of Quebec
QEC - 19 - Rivers and trails in Quebec

Central America
RMA - 15 - La Ruta Maya
CRA - 15 - Ecotourism in Costa Rica
CRB - 08 - Eco-Adventure in Costa Rica
CRC - 12 - Birding in Costa Rica
CRR - 06 - Rafting ain Costa Rica
CRD - 08 - Diving and Volcanoes Costa Rica
CRT - 04 - Tortuguero Tour - Costa Rica
PAN - 30 - PanAmerica - 6 countries

South America
ECU - 15 - Eco-Adventure in Ecuador
GAL - 09 - Eco-Cruise in the Galapagos - Ecuador
PEC - 21 - Great Peru-Ecuador Adventure
PAT - 21 - Great Patagonia - Argentina / Chile
TAM - 30 - Amazone Explorer - Brazil

And we specialise in Thematic Tailor Made Tours for Groups.

This year, Amerika Venture is planting 10 trees for each traveler booked on a regular tour. This is more than 3000 trees in one year and we're working on others projects such as this. Contact us to learn more!

Main Principles

Our main principals are:

The security of our clients. (this stands before anything else.)

The provided services must be in accordance with the proposed program.

Our guides must provide the highest quality of service to their group (helpful, punctual, informative).

The proposed program should respect the budget of the client.

Travelers must be able to join our office and be assisted by us - at all times & no cost - when needed during a tour.

Promotion of a highly respectful tourism towards the local environment and the communities (minimal impact tourism).

Money from tourism must, as much as possible, go to the local communities.

Collecting and sharing critical and accurate information promoting the preservation of the environment and the protection and support of local communities. (Filmed documentaries)

Participate in local (small scale) social development projects and environmental preservation projects.

EcoTourism Policies

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." This is the basic definition of what ecotourism is to us. We agree that those who implement and participate in ecotourism activities should minimally follow these principles:

Minimize impact;
Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect;
Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts;
Provide direct financial benefits for conservation;
Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people;
Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate;
Support international human rights and labor agreements;

As a member of The International Ecotourism Society, we follow and promote the principles of ecotourism here outlined in our organization's operations and policies.

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