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Brambles Nubian Goat Farm, Canada


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What we Offer:
Our accommodation is a family built English style
Gypsy Caravan, built from 19th century designs;
using wood from our sustainable woodlot. Located
in a secluded spot; set against a backdrop of boreal
forest, riparian zones and native prairie.

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Brambles Gypsy Caravan is located on our 1000 acre farm. The Shell River transects the valley, which also features riparian zones, boreal forest and native prairie grasslands. The farm is run along natural and organic principles; working with nature rather than against it. Beside our array of farm animals we also share the valley with many wild animals. We have counted over 78 species of birds here throughout the year. Larger animals also such as the Black Bear, Elk and Deer also roam our property. Besides which wilderness areas on our farm also feature native grasses and flowers.

The Caravan was built by hand over a one year period; using wood from sustainable plantations. Authentic, hand painted patterns were used to give the finishing touches to the caravans exterior. Inside there is a double bed, cupboard spaces and seating. We also provide bedding, basic camp cooking facilities, crockery and cutlery for our guests. The accommodation is self catering and for a maximum of 2 guests; in keeping with out no trace camping policy.

Nestled in a secluded spot on the farm, our accommodation is designed to give as much privacy as possible. Whilst here guests are able to roam on our property (only on specifically designated trails) and enjoy all its wonders. The Shell River holds many treasures along its banks. Crayfish, Oysters and Minnows are abundant in the river. Riparian areas also provide habitat for fresh spearmint, water lilies, willows and reed grasses. Our hillsides have pathways lined with fruit bushes, hazels and many wild flowers. Look for the Deer grazing in the evenings, or perhaps the Heron fishing on the river bank. Watch as the sun sets over this rustic scene. As the animals graze. The Swallows swoop and the bats begin to appear.

On the farm we also offer goat pack treks; giving guests the opportunity to be guided on our property by our friendly pack goats. There's also the chance to learn basket weaving techniques, using natural resources and also wood working classes. For the more adventurous we also offer milking and butter making classes; using our Guernsey dairy cow and Nubian goats for practice!

For those who want to wander further afield, the area offers many sites of interest. Two national historical monuments including Canada's last remaining row of intact grain elevators are within easy distance. There are also local museums, which showcase local artefacts and heritage buildings to visit. As well there are many opportunities for walking/wildlife watching in the surrounding region. A nearby provincial forest has over 30 kilometres of trails and a visitor centre too. Canoe rentals are also available in the same park.

Fancy some locally produced food? There are plenty of U-Pick operations; the staple crops being strawberries and raspberries, but you can't leave without sampling a saskatoon! How about some fish? Spring fed glacial lakes offer the best fishing spots. Varieties range from the Northern Pike to Trout, Walleye and Carp. Guests may even be lucky enough to catch a fish for supper from the Shell River. Fresh vegetables are available from our own garden in summer and local farmer's markets that are scattered throughout the region also offer a variety of fresh produce. Organic grains and quinoa can be purchased from a nearby processing company. Last but not least, naturally raised farm meats can be bought on site.

A nearby social project also offers guests another place to visit. The centre was built by volunteers at the turn of the century and was utilized as a church until last year. At which time the building found a new lease of life as a cultural centre; to preserve this heritage building. Fair Trade tea, coffee and sugar is sold at the centre.


We have a traveller's code of conduct. The document outlines practices such as only using designated trails, leaving no trace of your activities and minimizing water consumption.

We strictly restrict the number of visitors to the farm. This policy was decided upon to try to preserve the very nature that we are showcasing; in an attempt to minimalize any impact on the eco system. It is our intention to showcase the boreal forest, one of our most important natural resources, without destroying it through intrusion.

We use no chemical cleaners for the accommodation. Instead we use all natural preparations.

In an area where tracts of boreal forest have been lost to logging and clearance for cereal farming we are preserving our farm as nature intended. We use organic and natural philosophies to manage our land. We also preserve our wetlands and do not drain them to make way for more forage or cereal crops.

We allow no hunting on the property.

We have made a difference to our working farm with the assistance of federal and local organizations. Both have helped us to create riparian zones and to move our cattle's wintering site to help protect the watershed. A sustainable woodlot has also been established to meet our need for wood. the woodlot also provides shelter for squirrels, rabbits and grouse as the limbs of trees are left behind to provide shelter for them. The wood is also put to use making bird boxes that are scattered throughout the farm.

Waste products such as tin cans are recycled. We give an fresh vegetable scraps to our pigs, who adore them. Waste such as tea bags are composted.

Water consumption in the accommodation is carefully metered. This helps prevent adverse effects on the water table. We do not allow anyone to water from the river and creeks that flow through our property.

Whilst on the farm guest only use pre-existing trails. We did not cut down any trees to make areas accessible for tourists- nor do we intend to. We strongly believe in a no trace approach.



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