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Coastal Revelations - Vancouver Island

Hiking Tours Canada

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Errington, BC
V0R 1V0, Canada

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Exploring Canada's Wildlife

British Columbia Rainforest

We offer customized walking and hiking nature tours of Vancouver Island’s old growth rainforests of big trees. Our eco-tours provide the opportunity to discover the story behind the scenery and come away with a deeper understanding of nature’s interconnections.

Explore ancient rainforests with giant trees, make a nature trek to alpine flower meadows, or walk around the seashore tide pools to unravel ancient mysteries in thought provoking and interactive programs.

Bird watching and viewing wildlife such as sea lions and black bears are popular options. Our local guides are tuned into the movement of local animals as they pursue different food sources, migrate, mate and raise young.

Are you dreaming about wandering through a lush maze of BC's ancient rainforests with giant trees more than 1,000 years old stretching higher than most modern skyscrapers? With circumferences exceeding 9.4m (31 ft), it would take at least five tall adults to completely embrace these giant trees.

Come with us and explore the ecology of the forest beyond the trees. We help you see the drama unfolding at your feet as British Columbia's bizarre marine life forms battle it out with impressive arsenals and adaptations. Feel the exhilaration of a hawk's perspective and wander among alpine wildflowers or to escape the summer heat in the cool breezes off a mountain snowfield.

Vancouver Island Wildlife can be elusive. Our local guides are tuned into the movement of local animals as they pursue different food sources, migrate, mate and raise young. They also know the hot spots to see wildlife from years of experience and can increase your odds of seeing more wildlife in less time.

Zoom in with our 60X zoom spotting scopes and binoculars so you can remain at a safe distance and not disturb the animals. Your guides are trained in tracking and have years of experience in biological research so they can relate the story of each animal to you.

Black Bear:
September-December during salmon spawning, June-July and late August during berry seasons. Bear can be viewed through scope or from a vehicle or bridge and can be encountered on any trail. Currently there is one adult, two cubs and a young bear at the local wildlife recovery center. The resident adult can sometimes be seen in his enclosure and the others are visible on a closed circuit TV screen.

September-December you can see four of the five species of salmon as well as steel head migrating upstream. Check out the Big Qualicum underwater viewing area, tour local hatcheries and visit small streams where you can get a close up view of the salmon's epic journey. Juvenile salmon can be seen in the river all year round, as well as in local hatcheries most of the year.

Sea Lions:
September - April they're easy to spot when they haul out of the water to bask in the sun.

Bald Eagles:
Can be seen anytime! They're most abundant and concentrated during salmon spawning September - December. They're more active nesting from March-June.

Otter, mink, seals, starfish / seastars, anemones, crabs, clams, snails, sea slugs, shrimp, limpets and various fish are along the sea shore all year round. Elk and deer can be seen anytime, though the Vancouver Isand Roosevelt Elk are rare and more elusive.

Beaver can be seen anytime and its fascinating and entertaining to watch them work building dams and lodges with their little human like hands. If your’re lucky you may even see a cougar, wolf or an orca eating a sea lion.

A trip to the birthplace of the legendary BC salmon is an essential addition to any west coast nature trek. Enjoy the serene vibrancy of a salmon stream and relinquish your worries while experiencing the quiet backwaters of Vancouver Island. Witness the wealth of life that salmon bring to lush river valleys on the coast. You will see more species by letting us take you on the best sequence of birding spots at the right time of day and in the right season. Binoculars, a 20-60 X zoom spotting scope and field guides are available.

EcoTourism Policies

- We limit group size to 10 people to minimize impacts on sensitive environments.

- Tours are self propelled walking, hiking and biking tours in the Qualicum Beach area, thus minimizing fuel consumption.

- Ecotours are on established trails and binoculars and spotting scopes are used to view wildlife and birds to avoid disrupting their behaviour.

- We have adopted the Canadian Tourism Industry Code of Ethics and Practices.

- Our owner operator is a registered professional biologist and understands the minimization of environmental impacts.

- Organic food and reuseable containers illustrate our committment to the big picture of ecotourism sustainability.



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