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EcoTours Online - Travel Agent

Peru Mountains and Lake
(Photo of Peru)

www.ecotoursonline.caexternal site

Contact email:
info@ecotoursonline.ca external site

(514) 667-3377

Countries we cover:
Egypt, Peru, Madagascar, Senegal,
Nicaragua, Greece, India,
Tanzania and more..

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Madagascar - Andigitra National Park

(Photo taken in Andigitra National Park, Madagascar)

Ecotours organizes small-group creative adventures that aim at balancing leisure travel with sustainable development.

We create custom-made experiences for you to discover the cultural and natural treasures of the countries you visit while minimizing the negative impact of your trip.

ecotours offers alternative solutions to traditional tourism. Our organizers comes from the destination being visited, that has not only conceived the itinerary but will be guiding it!

the ecotours online difference:
- travel with two accompanying creative organizers that are hybrid
- pre-trip and post-trip meetings
- discover hidden treasures while not missing the crucial visits
- a value chain that maximizes your value

- travel with two accompanying creative organizers that are hybrid ecotours does not have any traditional tour guides; the same creative trip organizer that meets you before you leave for the trip will accompany you for the itinerary; they have as much knowledge of your country as of your destination!

The creative organizers (co’s) have a special quality that is unique to ecotours: their multiculturalism comes from the country of origin as well as the country of destination. This is unique in the industry since tour guides are usually either from the country of destination (a mexican tour guide on a mexican tour) or from the country from where the travelers come from (an italian tour guide taking italians to morocco).

Our co’s are able to bring so much more to the trip than a traditional guide...let us explain: we feel that human contact with the local culture is extremely important, so what better way of traveling to a foreign country is there than doing it with someone who speaks the language and comes from there? Not really, with ecotours you have the chance to travel with someone from the destination and at the same time from your country of origin.

So in this way you will be able to relate to the co and truly understand the country you are visiting.

Also, the fact that the co’s don’t only work as guides (have full-time or part-time jobs), makes their contribution to the group that much more important. Why travel with a simple guide when you can travel with a phd student, or an entrepreneur, or an engineer, etc...

Another aspect that differentiates ecotours is that our co’s always travel in pairs (when the group is composed of 8 travelers or more). Such a guide-to-client ratio is unseen, however we feel it is necessary in order to maximize your comfort level while on the trip.

- pre-trip and post-trip meetings
ecotours believes it is important to meet the person that will be guiding you on your trip, as well as the other members of the group with whom you will be traveling.

The creative organizers (co’s) will organize 1 or more pre-trip meetings, where you will get to meet with them and ask them all the questions your heart desires.

We, at ecotours, feel it is primordial to hit it off with the leader of your group, since that chemistry will ensure your trip goes well.

We also feel it is important to meet the other members of the group that are traveling with you, since the group’s chemistry plays and integral role in the success of the trip.

Age is not important, the spirit is!

In our trips, age difference is not important. 45-year-olds and 20-year-olds often travel together. Some of our itineraries are more focused on specific themes, and these pre-trip meetings ensure you are comfortable with the team of travelers.

Furthermore, the post-trip meetings serve to reinforce the bonds that were created before and during the trip, as very often the group keeps meeting years after their original trip together.

- discover hidden treasures while not missing the crucial visits
ecotours believes that most of the current itineraries out there are generic in that they pass by the same sites millions visit year after year.

While some places are a must-see, there are also many not so well-known locations that we feel make our trips that much more exciting.

The sites visited are selected among a variety of possible visits. However, we tend to stay away from very touristic sites, and if we do visit them, we won't spend too much time there, since our philosophy is to go where few people have gone!

For example, when traveling to egypt, we of course go visit the pyramids of giza and the famous cairo museum. But out of a total of 14 days, we’ll spend less than 3 days in cairo. The rest of the time is spent exploring the wonderful deserts, oases, deserted beaches, etc...always selected for their natural beauty and unexploited state.

Ecotours does not organize trips in the traditional way: we do not deal with local travel agencies or tour operators in the country of destination. Through our knowledgeable co’s(see co’spage) we are able to offer a unique itinerary at an unbeatable price.

- a value chain that maximizes your value
the way in which we deal with our local suppliers is directly: i.e., when a bedouin in an oasis welcomes us in his charming little hotel, we know him personally and made the reservations with him directly.

By minimizing the number of transactions needed for such a complex trip to happen, we have eliminated many middlemen. This means more cost savings for us which we pass on to you.

A higher quality for a cheaper price?!

Our prices are not cheaper than others because we have diminished the quality, but rather because we don’t spend too much time in touristic parts of the country and because we don’t get tour operators to do all the work for us!

The reason why we are able to do so is a result of our carefully selected co’s. Our creative organizers know the country being visited inside and out, and have all the personal contacts needed to make these unique trips affordable.

EcoTourism Policies

We contribute to improving the ecosystems we visit as well as positively influence the international cooperation by bringing people closer together. Here’s how:

Our trips are ones of exploration of nature and discovery of culture through which we facilitate the good values we believe in (those of the responsible tourist as well as the good old fashioned traditional values of the local population).

We offer the necessary tools to the group leaders (Creative Organizers) in order to allow them to share their passion and patriotism towards their country of origin while creating strong bonds between the travelers.

The travelers end up bringing the organizers closer to their country of origin and favor the creation of sustainable development community projects apart from the standard commercial activities derived from putting people together!



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