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Spirit of the West Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

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Box 569, Heriot Bay
BC, V0P1H0

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Derived from a specialized Inuit hunting vessel, the modern sea kayak is light, strong, stable, and easy to operate. Originally designed for the high arctic, the single or double kayak has become the preferred boating method for individuals who wish to travel on the water with minimal environmental impact. It’s shallow draft and maneuverability allow it to navigate where other vessels cannot go, and pass almost silently among the creatures who share the earth and ocean with us.

Nowhere are these attributes better illustrated than during a guided Spirit of the West sea kayaking adventure tour on the coast of Vancouver Island.

What sets us apart from other tour operators?

Probably the most significant fact is we live here. Our guides know every inch of the coast because for the most part, they've grown up on the local waters, and spent summers and winters scouting campsites, studying tides, upgrading their leadership, kayaking and outdoor skills, and learning coastal lore. This knowledge is yours to share.

Our company has built a well deserved reputation for delivering quality and satisfaction by taking care of guest's needs first, listening to their desires, comments and suggestions, and building our different trips to please a variety of paddling requirements. We have 4 basic trip styles to keep you happy, with variable lengths to suit your time commitments. Each has been developed over the years based on feedback from our guests and guides.

Day Trips are a good way to try kayaking for the first time, or get on the water if you are visiting the area. Half day or full day trips let you explore Quadra Islands coastline, and we offer pick-up from the ferry or any location on the Island.

Overnight Expeditions to a number of destinations allow you to travel through new territory each day and camp in different locations on your trip. This is classic kayaking at it's best, through some of the most beautiful marine environments in the world.

Base Camping in Johnstone Strait introduces you to a level of wilderness luxury only dreamed about...probably while lying cold and wet and hungry in a crowded tent. Our permanent camp features large tents with platforms, gourmet bush kitchen, and the world's largest Orca reserve as a next door neighbor.

Mothership Tours combine luxury and adventure. Our lovingly restored 95ft WWII era vessel features private cabins, a gourmet cook, and a captain and crew ready to take you and a small group into the coastal wilderness on the voyage of a lifetime. Did we mention the hot tub on the afterdeck...

In this web site, we've presented an overview of our different guided tours, each specially designed to satisfy the adventurer wanting something a little different out of their vacation, looking for the road less paddled.


Modesty prevents us from bragging about the food you will eat on our trips (whoever thought guides could double as gourmet bush chefs?) so we’ll let our guests do it for us...you will never go hungry when traveling with Spirit of the West!

(Random quotes from our survey forms)

"The food was the best I had on any of the 6 different multi-day trips I did while vacationing in Canada A 10!"

"Appreciated the vegetarian options and the gourmet desserts. Meals were top quality, always had snacks."

"As good as any restaurant... Even with all the talk of food in the brochure, it was better than expected."

Tour Groups

We accommodate singles, couples, families, or groups on our trips. You’ll meet interesting people like yourself from all over the globe, who share a spirit of adventure, a love of nature, and a sense of humour.

EcoTourism Policies

Spirit of the West Adventures takes pride in offering high quality eco-tour adventures. Our goal on all our tours is to educate, and challenge our guests to look the world in a different way.

We practice low impact travel and leave a light footprint where ever we go. All our guides a certified leaders and trained in natural and cultural history. All our tours rely on local services and we hire local guides.

A portion of our revenues goes to supporting environmental organizations including Strait watch, the bones project, eagle eye, and the Terengerie lion project. We are also very active in reducing the impact of large forest companies on our fragile Island in which we operate from.

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