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Frontiers North - Tundra Buggy Adventure

Polar Bear

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 Tundra Buggy Adventure

In 1979 Tundra Buggy Tours began conducting trips from Churchill, Manitoba to the frozen tundra, some thirty kilometers away. From the safety and comfort of a Tundra Buggy, visitors were able to get closer than anybody had been before to the majestic polar bear.

What began with historic 'Buggy #1' and an elite group of photographers and adventure seekers has grown to a world-class Adventure!

Photographing the polar bears of Churchill has been established as a cornerstone to any serious photographer's portfolio and experiencing them has become an important notch on any real adventurer's belt.

Plan to come to Churchill during October or November when the bears are migrating to the coast, anticipating the winter freeze-up of Hudson Bay. When the Bay freezes, the polar bears can get onto the ice to hunt their favourite meal: seal.

We offer the largest variety of programs to choose from, providing many excellent opportunities for you to see polar bears from a Tundra Buggy!

Cape Churchill
The Ultimate Polar Bear Experience! Located about 30 kilometers (or 20 miles) east of Polar Bear Point, Cape Churchill provides the most breathtaking and exciting polar bear photography available, anywhere. The polar bears of Cape Churchill will literally take your breath away.

This is a Specialist-tiered trip and is intended for those interested in the ultimate bear viewing and photographing expedition. You'll spend full days on the tundra with a maximium of ten guests per Tundra Buggy. Space is extremely limited on this one-of-a-kind expedition; reserve early.

Tundra Buggy Lodge
Wake up on the Tundra, right next to the bears! The most rewarding way to experience the polar bears of Churchill is to immerse yourself in their environment; from the moment you wake up, throughout the day and into the endless winter nights. The best way to accomplish this is a stay at our world famous Tundra Buggy Lodge.

While our guests that prefer to stay in a Churchill-based hotel are transferred from town to the Wildlife Management Area in which our Lodge is situated, Lodge guests have a chance to slowly enjoy their morning coffee, right in the bear's playground.

The Tundra Buggy Lodge is comprised of a number of specialized vehicles. When fully assembled on the tundra, the Lodge is almost 100 meters long.

Hotel-based Adventures
Complete, well-rounded packages to see polar bears and more! Offers exciting polar bear viewing combined with lots of other activities, and are based in Churchill. Here, you will find warm, down-home hospitality and clean, comfortable hotels with all the amenities. Staying in town will allow you to walk to and from the different venues, spend some time on your own and perhaps meet some locals.

Our hotel-based Adventures offer a well rounded program combining polar bear viewing with activities in and around the community of Churchill and are designed for those who wish to learn about the history and culture of Churchill and region, as well as experience polar bears.

Our Lodge and Hotel-based packages are further broken down into three tiers:

• Specialist:
Cater to serious photographers and naturalists are all-inclusive; air transportation and hotels between and in Winnipeg and Churchill, all meals as well as Tundra Buggy excursions to see the bears. Professional photographers or naturalists escorted.

• Enthusiast:
Designed for those to visit Churchill to see polar bears and experience history and culture of the region. Led by very knowledgeable guides, itineraries include activities other than bear watching (town and area tour, Eskimo Museum, Parks Canada facility and a private slide presentation).

• Adventurer:
Great for the 'Do It Yourselfer,' designed for those travellers who may not have as much travel-time, those who come to Churchill in hopes of seeing a bear, but are not necessarily interested in taking part in other activities.

EcoTourism Policies

Our Mission is to inspire our guests with quality nature experiences, in a sustainable and responsible manner, providing them with the opportunity to view and photograph the wildlife of the North as well as learn about culture, history and customs.

In Summary:

• We work proactively with Conservation Manitoba and Parks Canada to set standards for our industry and ensure that we are conducting our business in the most responsible manner possible.

• We hire locally whenever possible.

• We have very comprehensive educatation programs for staff and
clients. As most of our staff are seasonable, we make training materials available online in a secure training section of our website.

• We are strong supporters of the polar bear conservation efforts of Polar Bears International - both monetarily as well as hands on. As well, we provide our Specialist- and Enthusiast-level guests with one-year memberships to Polar Bears International.

• Understanding the sensative nature of the tundra, our Tundra Buggies travel only on exisitng trails that were created long before our tours began operating

• To read more about our commitment to conservation, click here:

www.tundrabuggy.com/images/conservation-commitment External Link

• We are recipients of the 2004 Ecotourism Award and 2005 Sustainable Tourism Award. To read more, click here:

www.tundrabuggy.com/news/2004-ecotourism-award External Link

www.tundrabuggy.com/news/2005-sustainable-tourism-award/ External Link



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