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Pacuare Eco Lodge

Pacuare Eco Lodge

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Contact email:
info@junglelodgecostarica.com external site

1-800 235 6150
(506) 225-3939

(506) 253-6934

5th Ave. between 33
& 35 Streets San José
P.O. Box 10736-1000
Costa Rica

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Aventuras Naturales was established in 1987 and is one of the oldest and most respected tour operators in Costa Rica. Dedicated to providing quality adventure travel options, we offer a wide variety of services that include hotel accommodation, car rentals, white water rafting and some of Costa Rica’s finest adventure tours.

We offer Class II, III & IV white-water rafting and river floating adventures along Costa Rica’s most spectacular rivers, including the Pacuare, Sarapiquí, Puerto Viejo and Jesús María Rivers. Additionally, we specialize in customized itineraries that include everything from thrilling canopy adventures to romantic honeymoon escapades, specifically catered to our customer’s needs, interests and budget.

We own and operate the Pacuare Lodge, a magical jungle hideaway located on the banks of the Pacuare River where we have successfully combined extraordinary guest comfort and service with state-of-the art practices in sustainability and ecotourism.

The center of our lodging facilities is a rustic styled two-story eco-lodge that comes with a comfortable dining area on the first floor, and an outside lounge on the second floor with sitting areas and hammocks.

Set apart, the guest rooms are modern wooden bungalows with thatched palm roofs, meticulously designed in an indigenous style in order to blend with the surrounding environment. Each bungalow comes equipped with private bathroom and shower, double bed and veranda.

The Pacuare Lodge has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization as 1 of only 65 examples throughout the world of good practice in sustainability and ecotourism. The lodge employs a resident naturalist guide who provides guests with unique insights into the plant and animal world.

Here guests may choose from exciting optional tours that include guided hikes through an emerald rainforest, the Cabecar Indian tour - where visitors may participate in a cultural exchange with a shaman and our Adventure Canopy Tour - where visitors glide amid a tropical rainforest canopy. Our custom-designed incentive programs include themed dining, gourmet meals & special amenities.

EcoTourism Policies

We believe that responsible tourism should benefit and respect local communities. We believe that the careful planning and management of the Pacuare Lodge has ensured a greater positive than negative impact due to increase knowledge of and respect for the environment from our guests, and the involvement and benefits seen by our native staff and the surrounding community.

We work directly with people and institutions in the Pacuare area by providing economic assistance, improving and maintaining roads, and by coordinating the donation of economic resources and equipment. We donate a percentage of each Internet reservation directly to the three schools located along the river.

The design principles of the Pacuare Lodge are built upon a dedication to minimal environmental impact. The lodge site is inaccessible by road, and all building materials were brought in on rafts via the Pacuare River. Though we could have cut and used trees from the property, we chose to purchase wood from a sustainable reforestation project operated by small farmers. Roofs are made from palm leaves and were constructed by Cabecar Indians living in the area, using their traditional building style.

We are currently studying the possibility of using the cattail plant in our roofs as a substitute for the overused and relatively scarce palm leaves. Water comes from a spring located on the mountain above the lodge, and is transported using hidden pipes buried in the forest.

The lodge has no electricity—lanterns and candles provide light for guests and staff. We utilize a 1 KW Honda generator for small kitchen needs, for emergencies, and for back-up in the event that the solar panels we use to recharge communications equipment experience problems.

Though any site will have some impact on the natural environment in which it is placed, the design and maintenance of the lodge have at their very core our commitment to minimal impact and maximum education and enjoyment!

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