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Yarok Green Tours

Costa Rica


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(506) 2655081

50 metros de la Hitachi porton gris
San Joaquin de Flores
Heredia-Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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Yarok Green Tours is an Ecotour operator located in Costa Rica. It was burned with a clear and main purpose:

“To offer to nature lovers a total immersion ecological experience”.

We strongly believe in responsible tourism, and our main goal is that at the end of the eco-program you will go back home satisfied of learning a lot about the interaction among the biodiversity of Costa Rica and having the experience of being in touch with the nature and the communities.

About Costa Rica

Located between the Caribbean coast and the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica has only 51,100 km2 of land surface and 589.000 of marine surface, it is considered a country with one of the highest levels of bio-diversity on Earth.

About 25% of the country's land is protected, mostly through National Parks. This must be the reason why Costa Rica has become one of the world's prime eco-tourism destinations receiving up to one million visitors every year.

Eco-areas available to visit:

Central Highlands or Central Valley:
Located at the intermountanious valley of the Central Plateau, with an average elevation of about 3000 feet. It is surrounded by the Carpintera hills, Talamanca hills and the central volcanic mountain range (Poas, Barba, Irazu and Turrialba).

There are 4 main cities at this area: San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica); Heredia; Alajuela and Cartago.

Southern Pacific - Talamanca:
From the highest mountains in Costa Rica up to the Chirripo hill (3820 meters above sea level). The area has different ecosystems, cloud forest and high plateau where it is possible to observe a vast amount of species of birds, including the amazing Quetzal, consider one of the must splendid birds of the world.

San Isidro (Valle de El General):
Between Talamanca and the strip that separates it from the pacific coast. It is the main gate to the Chirripo hill and all the southern zone of Costa Rica. Special place for agriculture lovers, since it is an important center of fruit plantation.

Osa Peninsula:
With its abundant wildlife, is one of the most isolated and nature (pristine) areas of Costa Rica. It contains the biggest portion of tropical rain forest from Mexico to Panama, being one of the richest areas with bio-diversity It is possible to observe birds (including the red macaw or "lapa roja"); mammals (4 Costa Rican species of monkey, such as the white face capuchin monkey, the squirrel monkey or "mono titi", the haculer monkey or congo, and the spider monkey); reptiles, amphibious, etc.

Central North - Monteverde:
Famous because of its cloud forest, which is the main attraction of the area. It is a very important protected area. Around Monteverde, a lot of Eco-Tourism activities, that benefit the community, have been developed; such as walking tours; canopy tours; sky trek and sky walk tours; bird watching; horse back riding; pathways and suspension bridges; etc.

Its main attraction is the Arenal Volcano, which has been active since 1968; offering a tremendous spectacle the whole year, since it is possible to appreciate small or big explosions of lava, almost every day.

Where the Biological Station "La Selva" is located. La Selva is know around the world because of its large research about the tropical rain forest.

Eco Tours

The ecotours are available for many different kinds of groups and individuals:

• Universities
• High Schools
• Scientists
• Naturalists
• Teenagers
• Families
• Retirees
• Environmentalists

Ecotourism Policies

There are many issues that we count on when operating an eco tour, but three are the main for us:

1. Benefit the locals

2. Benefit the protected areas visited

3. Less impact as possible at the regions

Based on this three policies we are sure that every ecotour at any area or country will develop more and more sustainable and responsible tours.


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