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Latin Trails

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Av. Rumiñahui 221
y 1ra Transversal
San Rafael, Quito, Ecuador

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At Latin Trails we specialize in custom adventures and special interest travel, we work on your vacation with you from beggining to end, taking into account your unique interests and concerns, in the end together we obtain an itinerary that is a work of art that we have prepared together. South America is a diverse region and there are many travel opportunities, not everybody wants to do the same activities, we have developed many activities and orientations to each visitor site.

Our own fleet of Galapagos yachts and Expedition cruise expertise

We manage a fleet of 7 yachts in the Galapagos Islands: Eden, Fragata, Guantanamera, Floreana, Darwin, Encantada and Rumba operate under our high standards, we also have contracts as sales agents with several other boats in the Galapagos Islans and in the Amazon with various riverboats we charter. We can help put together unique travel programs around exciting cruise expeditions in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. We also work with several boats in Patagonia offering unique trips around Chile and Argentina.

Small groups and escorted tours

We have much experience working with travel clubs and special interest groups. We offer gratuities for every 15 paying passengers, if you want to travel for free ask us how we can help you put together a travel group. You can save money and bring your friends on your vacation. We organize travel for all size groups and interests ranging from university groups to company incentives with motivation programs and team building activities.

Family vacations

Latin Trails started as a family travelling around Latin American countries, our expertise in travelling with children and grand parents allows us to offer programs for all ages and keep everybody interested. Special child activities and private time for adults are the key factors in every family vacation. We have special discounts for children under 12 when travelling with their parents, we offer properties with connecting rooms and the triple and quad accommodations.

Responsible Tourism

We have developed a network of local hotels, eco lodges, and boutique accommodation options; we try to include these in every itinerary we organize so the money stays within the country you visit. We also offer community travel and sustainable tourism programs. All our holidays involve responsible trip guides and transportation suppliers and have strong respect for local cultures and the environment. Whenever possible we use native guides and rural lodging when requested. Kumanii lodge a sustainable tourism project in the Ecuadorian Choco rainforest is managed by us, we assist the local communities in running this unique ecotourism venue and act as their reservations office.


We have a great variety of sample itineraries and ideas for thematic
travel, all trips can be customized and tailored to your needs

Latin Trails is a proud member of:
Latin American Travel Association (LATA - UK) National Tours
Association (NTA - USA) American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

We work with several tour operators around the world and arrange vacations for over 3000 passengers every year. Our 20 years of experience and more than 50.000 satisfied guests are our main credentials.

Our home office is in Quito - Ecuador yet we have regional operations offices in main Ecuadorian cities and around South America. We look forward to outfitting your next trip.

Latin trails offers tours to the following countries:
Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica

Ecotourism Policies

Latin Trails practices Sustainable & Responsible Tourism: We set ourselves apart by choosing only local hotels, restaurants, guides, boats, buses, etc. All travel dollars you spend stay in the country you visit. We work with local NGO's and communities offering support and fair trade experiences.

In alliance with the local NGO's Maquita Cushunchic, Kumanii foundation and other not for profit institutions. We have created unique trips, offering off the beaten path experiences in Ecuador & Latin America. We work hand in hand with local communities to offer our travelers the best of local culture, tradition and nature in combination with active experiences where you can listen, see, feel, smell & even taste Latin America. Our services are oriented to open minded travelers looking for the real thing. Responsible Tourism that supports local community efforts.

We work with indigenous communities helping create sustainable economies through tourism. Homestays with indigenous families, community ecology & culture projects.

We offer you a unique selection of historical homes, farm houses, haciendas, boutique hotels and other alternative hostelling to give you the real experience of local culture and lifestyle.

The indigenous communities you visit are not attractions on the trip, they are service providers who interact with travellers providing an in depth travel experience.

Our guides both in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands promote conservation with a passion, teaching and sharing their love for the environment with all travellers.

Our guests help conserve endangered areas, we offer a unique program
in the Choco rainforest of Ecuador with Kumanii foundation where the
involvement of the local Chachi and Afro - Ecuadorian communities have
helped stop deforestation in several areas of this important
biodiversity hotspot. Among other accomplishments we have driven out
logging companies from 12 communities and saved thousands of acres of
primary forests.


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