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Yoga Travel


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St Neot
United Kingdom

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We offer unforgettable yoga holidays: yoga by the Egyptian Pyramids, in beautiful Morocco and next to the fabulous Red Sea. We believe a yoga holiday should be just that: a holiday. So as well as quality yoga tuition we offer scuba diving, horse riding, practicing yoga near unforgettable sights such as the pyramids or in lovely Marrakech - or just relaxing on the beach.

Tour 1: Wonders of the World (EGPYT)
This ten-day holiday includes yoga by the great pyramids of Cairo and the lush waters of the Red sea. It’s an innovative break that lets you improve your yoga practice whilst experiencing some of the most spectacular sites on earth.

Tour 2: Red Sea Paradise (EGYPT)
A unique opportunity to spend a night on Mount Sinai, try your hand at scuba diving or just relax and improve your suntan. We spend eight days in the lovely town of Dahab, overlooking some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world.

Tour 3: In Hendrix’s Footsteps (MOROCCO)
Yoga in exotic Marrakesh, bohemian Essouera and on Morocco’s stunning Atlantic coastline. Daily yoga classes plus the chance to explore Jimi Hendrix’s old Moroccan haunts, shop, camel-trek, windsurf or just explore Morocco’s vast - and undiscovered -beaches.

Tour 4: Trekking with Bedouins (EGYPT) (not yoga)
Trekking in the land of the ten commandments accompanied by guides from ‘the mountain ones’ a local Bedouin tribe. For centuries these ‘Gebeli’ have guided travellers to St Catherine’s monastery; we walk for 5 days through their gardens, canyons, valleys and pools, as well as visiting Mount Sinai, monasteries, churches and ruins from Byzantine, nabatean and stone age eras.

EcoTourism Policies

Economic policy
Our accommodation and transport is booked by local agents who employ only local guides and staff. All our hotels are locally owned and staffed as is all our transport. All clients are always briefed on the proximity of local restaurants, shops and markets to their hotel.

Incorporated into our trips are also specific opportunities to buy local crafts, such as a Bedouin craft shops in the Sinai desert that provides employment for nearly 200 Bedouin women. Trips into the desert also bring cash to host Bedouin communities- on visits to St Katherine’s, for example, all our mountain guides are from the local Gebeliya tribe.

We remind clients to bear in mind that prices in Egypt tend to be cheap; it’s often not worth the protracted bargaining that might reduce the price by five percent.

Environmental Responsibility
For each client booking with Yoga Travel, we offset the carbon of their flight. Our clients are also advised to try to minimise their water consumption (taking a shower as opposed to a bath, and only one a day) and when doing activities in the sea they are briefed as per South Sinai Diving Association regulations: don’t touch or take any coral, don’t throw litter. Neither should they anchor a boat on a coral reef or collect shells.

In the desert similar conditions apply: no littering, bury all faecal material and burn the toilet paper. Plants in the desert are untouchable; they belong to the Bedouins who know exactly when to cut them for fire or to use them for any of their tasks.

Social Policy
Being an Islamic country, others often ask about the behavioural and dress expectations in Egypt: our office gives advice and all clients are briefed on things such as what to wear in a mosque on the first day of the trip. Customers are also briefed on bargaining etiquette and the perspective of Islamic societies towards the west, and particularly towards women.


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