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Travel with Respect

Salvadorans are known for their great hospitality. They are among the nicest people in the world. They are friendly, industrious people always willing to help anyone. That is what has earned El Salvador the nickname of "the country with a smile". When speaking with people you don't know, it is customary to address them in a formal manner, using señor, señora and/or usted.

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Travel Safe

El Salvador has a bad reputation due to the civil war of the 80s. Nevertheless, the Consular sheet from the US State Department indicates that "El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world". Crime is an issue, mostly caused by the MS-13 street gang that Salvadorans founded in Los Angeles and brought back to El Salvador when they were deported back to their country. These are mostly seen in industrial areas and some specific districts. You must use common sense and avoid entering into a zone that does not appear safe, just like you do in any country of the world. Avoid carrying fancy stuff if you are walking on the public streets, such as jewelry, expensive cameras, watches. Females should avoid travelling alone as they will catch the occasional cat-calling and perhaps get felt up here and there on tightly packed buses; however the police (PNC) are very professional and helpful there, and you can rely on them for help.A good idea for any person visiting El Salvador is to keep only necessary forms of identification, such as a driver's license, when exploring the city or tourist locales. If you must keep your passport on you at all times, a traveler's pouch would allow you to have it safely with you. Most tourists prefer to stay within the safe areas of El Salvador such as La Zona Rosa where there is relatively no crime. In case you are not staying at one of the country's 5 star hotels, remember to ask if the city or town you are visiting has a high level of gang activity.

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