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Old Fallings Hall
West Midlands
WV10 8BL
United Kingdom

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BAOBAB Travel is a UK-based specialist eco-tour operator, born out of a combination of a love of Africa and travel, and a desire to actively work with and support local communities in the Developing World. We endeavour to take you to places that represent the very essence of Africa and to provide you with experiences that will remain embedded in your memory for life.

We will introduce you to the Real Africa- not images designed for tourists. On our website, you will find a range of holidays to Egypt, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, which have been built around responsible travel & principles of sustainable tourism.

It is our belief, that travel and tourism has an enormous capacity to provide much needed economic growth within developing countries. However, we also recognise the fact that is has the potential to inflict irreversible damage on fragile environments and communities. It is our aim to reconcile these two conflicting aspects and provide you with a form of sustainable tourism that is sensitive to your destination and yet still provides you with a holiday experience of a lifetime.

Whether you fancy diving in the Indian Ocean, going on safari in the Serengeti, or meeting indigenous African tribes, BAOBAB Travel has a holiday to suit you! We combine various activities with destinations that are brimming with cultural and natural interest, to give you a rewarding holiday experience.

BAOBAB Travel offers most of their trips on a tailor-made basis - itineraries to fit your own unique requirements, interests and budget. We try to keep things as flexible as possible and ensure that you have the holiday that suits you best. Hence a most of our promoted destinations and activities can be booked in combination. This means you can pick a combination of destinations and activities that interest you most and create your ideal holiday. You simply tell us where you want to stay, how long for and whether you would like any other activities included (e.g. diving) and we will do the rest.

BAOBAB has some small group trips on offer with set departure dates - mostly special themed trips. We are committed to keeping group sizes small, so as to prevent them becoming intrusive to local cultures or damaging to the environment. This has the added benefit of giving you a personal experience, and means that you can fully benefit from the knowledgeable local tour guides provided.

We only work with small-scaled hotels & lodges that operate in a way that supports the local community - at the very least all our hotels employ local people and buy all produce from local suppliers. Many of our hotels actively contribute to local community projects, and have environmentally friendly ways of dealing with waste and energy needs. We avoid at all costs, hotels that are owned by foreigners, whose profits disappear out of the host country.

Before you depart on your BAOBAB holiday, we provide you with a detailed information pack about your destination. This information is tailored to your specific holiday and is the perfect size to take with you. It is full of interesting facts and useful information, amongst others Responsible Travel Tips for the country visited and Travel’s Code of Conduct - making your holiday even more fulfilling!

Main Destinations

Ecotourism Policies

There is a trend amongst tourists to visit remote destinations, which are often home to some of the poorest people on this planet. These destinations are also those that are most at risk of damage from tourism. The ‘unique landscapes’ that interest visitors tend to be fragile ecosystems that cannot support large numbers of tourists. They are often populated by indigenous cultures, whose customs and traditions may be vulnerable to the impact of tourists.

We believe that it is the responsibility of tour operators to recognise this and to minimise the potential for negative effects. If managed appropriately, tourism has enormous capacity to bring benefits to these destinations by bringing economic growth and supporting conservation efforts.

We are committed to:


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