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Jungle Trips

Amazon Rainforest Tours


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Puerto Nuevo is an Amazonian village where you will live with the shipibo people whose history reaches back over a thousand years.

You will have the chance to live as they do, with the natural rhythms of the rainforest where you will have the opportunity to experience:

- Rainforest Expeditions
- Ayahuasca ceremony’s
- Natural herb baths
- Searching for River Dolphins
- Spiritual healing
- A trip to Botanical gardens
- A chance to purchase unique pottery, textiles & more! 

Our  excursions include the days we travel on the boat from Pucallpa to Puerto Nuevo and back to Pucallpa again .  We will travel six hours upstream on the Ucayali river to the Shipibo-Conibo village of Puerto Nuevo.

We will be hosted by the village for the duration of our stay.  You being there is a great support to them not only economically but also because your presence helps to re-establish and encourage the significance of their cultural heritage.

The basic accommodation is as follows: 4 huts, (3 are for resting and 1 for the Ayahuasca and Healing sessions) there are 3 latrines , there are 2 shower baths (using barrels of water), also, there is plenty of potable drinking water. There is no electric light. Oil burners are used in the evenings.

We stay in wooden cabins like those of the villagers and all the beds have mosquito nets for extra protection. The food is prepared and served by the women of the village who cook in the communal kitchen. The three meals a day mainly consist of fish, yucca, rice, plantin, fruit and herbal tea as this is the food that the villagers themselves eat. 

We consider your time in the jungle as an excellent opportunity to allow your body to heal and we also include many treatments prepared by the Shamans such as herbal baths and steams that help you to do this. Combined with the naturally grown and prepared food, we hope that you will leave the jungle feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with a heightened perspective of the beauty and delicacy of our Pachamama (mother earth).

In respect of this we ask that you see this as a place to shed the habits so many of us carry in modern society and to refrain from drinking and smoking, if only for the course of the Jungle Trip. If you feel that this will be impossible to do then there are many other excursions offered by other companies that would be better suited to your criteria.

Our trips to the jungle will give a genuine insight to the Amazonian way of life and a greater understanding of the impact everyone of us has on the jungle.We hope that our journey is as much an internal voyage as an external one and in maintaining an authentic jungle experience we offer Ayahuasca sessions as part of the trip. The Ayahuasca brew is regularly used by the Shamans in Puerto Nuevo and gives a profoundly introspective journey for those who are willing as we hope everyone who chooses to come on a Jungle Trip with us will be.

The life of the village is communally orientated and if you are someone who might see this as more of a disturbance then we'd suggest that you might prefer to take a different style of jungle tour such as the ones where you stay in a jungle lodge away from the interaction of the locals. (There are many options online that might be quite good .)

As guests of the village we are their neighbours and it is not uncommon to be visited by them often first thing in the morning. It is also very common that the local radio-communication operators play loud music from 5-6 am as it is at that time that the people wake up in the village. As a final note, our Jungle Trips are not for everybody. 

We are going to organize 6 jungle journeys yearly, each group ranges from 4 people to a maximum of 7. We prefer to focus on the qualities of a person as opposed to the quantity of the people. So if you consider yourself a positive and enthusiastic person who is open to experience a jungle journey of the mind, body and spirit, we welcome you with open arms!

EcoTourism Policies

The Masha association is an association between the Shipibo & Ashaninka villagers of Puerto Nuevo & a collective of dedicated people in Peru. We are proud to offer the opportunity to experience the Amazon jungle from a refreshing perspective that works with the harmony of the village to preserve and maintain their cultural identity with the upmost respect.

Without the decisive assistance of the Puerto Nuevo villagers,  we would not be able to facilitate the Jungle Trips.  There is a local comitte comprised of the most respected members of the village, they directly take care of all the benefits that each group of visitors bring to the village so that the entire community is able to prosper and not just a few.

The income that comes from each group is invested in important tools such as big fishing nets or wood saws that will allow the village to compete against the commercial fishing and timber companies who deplete the natural resources of the area taking as much as they want, often by unethical means, and leaving little left for the village.

The Masha Association are also able to purchase medicinal, educational and other supplies that are essential to the village. In this way our Jungle Trips are not a charity organization to 'help the Indians' as if they were people unable to decide by themselves what they would like in their future.


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