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Travel with Respect

Estonians are tremendously proud of their nation and their country because as a small nation they have managed to gain independence and survived all the rough times that centuries of history filled with wars has served them.Estonians are a hard working nation, sometimes referred as the Japanese of Europe. Sometimes, it's said (also often among themselves) that Estonians don't know how to enjoy life because they are always working. As is often true, spending more time with Estonians may prove otherwise.Estonians are an educated nation. Education is highly valued in Estonia because as a small nation with no exceptional resources, they believe that the only way to be competitive is to absorb knowledge. There are so many highly educated people in Estonia that it is becoming a problem in the labour market - there aren't enough workers for jobs that requiring minimal education (trade jobs). When entering a home, shoes should be taken off at all times. During most seasons in Estonia there's a lot of mud or snow outside. Do not worry that your feet will get dirty - the floors are just as clean as the walls - Estonians are very neat and clean people. Do not raise your voice in conversation. Raising your voice too much is not a good way to impress anyone in Estonia. A decent silent conversation is the Estonian way of doing business and is much appreciated. Do not try to initiate too many small-talk conversations. Estonians are a rational people and their interest tends to those who speak on subjects worthy of discussion. They may get tired and cranky if you try to elicit chit-chat conversations. Do not expect many compliments from Estonians; they are very sincere. If you manage to get a compliment out of a Estonian then you know that it's pure and candid. When entering a shop do not wait for the attention of the salesman - ask for it. Don't consider it to be rude, they just do not want to disturb. Your freedom to choose and decide on your own is considered to be a major social right in Estonia. If being served in an Estonian home, it's considered disrespectful not to eat all the food served on one's plate. But turning down local cuisines is understood and tolerated - after all everybody are not willing to eat everything. The main way of greeting is to shake hands. If there is a "long time - no see" situation, then a hug may be suitable. Be careful when mentioning Estonia in the context of the former USSR, particularly those who hardly remember the period. In their perception, Estonia was occupied by Soviet Union and any praising of Soviet (or Russian) practices is unlikely to be understood or appreciated by the ethnic Estonians. World War II and its immediate aftermath was a great tragedy and almost every Estonian has a relative who was deported to Siberia; again, people of other ethnicities, Russian included, suffered the same fate. The worst thing you can do is call Estonians Russians, although many don't mind if you mistakenly call them Soviet, especially those above 25. Estonians don't like to be referred as Eastern-Europeans, even though they ARE located in north-eastern Europe. They consider themselves a Nordic nation because of their location in the north which has strongly influenced their way of life and still does. They are also a Finnic people, closely related to Finns, and they also have very strong historical and cultural ties with Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Estonia is a Lutheran Protestant country, like other Nordic countries and unlike Eastern-European countries which are mainly Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

The published crime rate increased dramatically in 1991-1994 after democratic freedoms were introduced. In large part this is due to the fact that crime was a taboo subject before 1991, as Soviet propaganda needed to show how safe and otherwise good place it was. However it is still a significant problem in Estonia. The murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants, as of 2000, was some 4-5 times higher than in Sweden and Finland, although still significantly lower than in its biggest neighbour, Russia. Today, the official sources claim achieving considerable reduction in crime statistics in the recent years. Criminal activities are distributed unevenly across the territory with almost no crime in the island areas and narcotics mafia operating in predominantly Russian-speaking industrial area of North-East. In Tallinn petty crime is an increasing problem and there are some incidents involving tourists, mainly pickpocketing. Tallinn Old City and other main tourist attractions are closely watched by local police and private security companies.The main advice to anyone worried about personal security is to stay reasonably sober despite tempting alcohol prices.For police dial 110, for other emergencies like fires and so, call 112.It has been mentioned that ordinary Estonians are unlikely to approach a complete stranger or a tourist on their own. If somebody suddenly turns to you in the street (with questions or matters of small business) keeping a cautious eye on your belongings would be wise.Open homosexuality may be met with stares and possibly rude comments. Travellers may also encounter racism, though violence is very rare.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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