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Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Fiji.

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Travel with Respect

Fiji, like many Pacific Island states, has a strong Christian moral society; having been colonised and converted to Christianity by missionaries during the 19th century. Do not be surprised if shops and other businesses are closed on Sunday. The Sabbath starts at 6pm the day before, and some businesses celebrate the Sabbath on a Saturday instead of a Sunday.Also, dress modestly and appropriately. While Fiji is a tropical country, beach-wear should be confined to the beach. Take your cues from the locals as to what they consider appropriate dress for the occasion. When visiting towns and villages, you should be sure to cover your shoulders and wear shorts or sulus (sarongs) that cover your knees (both genders). This is especially true for visiting a church, although locals will often lend you a sulu for a church visit.A Fijian considers his head sacred. Never touch a Fijian's head with your hand or any object for any reason.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Fiji is a relatively safe place. There is very little major crime at all. Most takes place in Suva and Nadi. Fijian culture encourages sharing and sometimes small things like shoes will be "borrowed". Often by speaking with the village chief it can be arranged to get things returned.Fiji operates a secret political blacklist of journalists and others in the media who may be considered politically undesirable visitors. Those whose employment involves reporting controversial political activities should take extra care to ensure that their visas are in order before visiting Fiji.Also, be aware that homosexual sex may be a crime in Fiji. While Fiji claims to welcome gay travelers, there has been a recent case where a visitor to the country was initially jailed for 2 years for paying a local for homosexual sex. He was later freed on appeal.The recent military coup against the elected Government has heightened political tensions, and although relatively bloodless there is always the possibility for unrest and travellers may wish to reconsider staying in Suva in particular. "Exercise extreme caution" - the current state of the Australian Government's travel advice (see also the British Government's travel advice at the head of this page) - would seem sensible without causing undue alarm. Traveler's Note: I traveled to Fiji for NGO-related work (where I had the chance to speak frankly with many locals about their daily realities), and met many locals in Nandi, Suva, and Lautoka that reported the regularity of petty robberies, muggings, home-invasions/rape, et cetera. I discovered this on my trip by being violently robbed (by 5 men who had robbed a taxi and used it to stage the attack) in the most unlikely of circumstances. You will notice the predominance of bars on most peoples homes. Ask any cab driver how many times they have been robbed. Two of them showed me the scars on their hands and necks. Fiji is "safe" if you stay in your resort. Do not walk around any city at night, period. Economic and ethnic strife has led to a low-level hum of violent crime.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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