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Travel with Respect

Tahitians are proud of their islands and happy to share their way of life with their guests in many ways. They are really relaxed people who live according to the aita pea pea philosophy (meaning no worries.) Their culture should be respected as well as their way of life. Don't make them feel 'you're superior to them' but just be natural. They are a very welcoming and warm people.Please also respect the land and its diversity. Since 2002, activities which include approaching whales and other marine mammals are regulated and henceforth approach authorizations from the environmental authorities are mandatory.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Tahiti has one of the lowest crime rates within France and its territories. However, petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching occurs. As an overseas territory of France, defence and law enforcement are provided by the French Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) and Gendarmerie. No vaccines are required.Be sure to bring jelly-type sandals for walking amidst coral in the water and along the beaches or either old sneakers so you don't cut your feet on the coral or don't step on a stonefish.Encounters with sharks in the lagoon will be most likely when scuba diving or even snorkeling but they are totally inoffensive. So are stingrays. However, be aware of moray eels which hide deep in the corals and are generally curious. Be sure to keep your fingers to yourself or risk a painful bite.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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