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Galapagos Ecotourism Holidays & Vacations

Galapagos Islands - Blue Footed Bobby Bird

The Galapagos islands are located in the Pacific ocean west of Ecuador. They consist of a number of volcanic rocks sitting on the equator and are a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The population is a round 23,000 and the official language spoken is Spanish.

The islands are famous as the place of study by Charles Darwin, from where he developed his theory of Evolution by natural selection. The geology and wildlife are the main attraction for ecotourists. You can expect to see an array of marine life such as fur seals, whales, sea lions, sharks, dolphins and marine turtles. On land you can observe lizards, iguanas, giant tortoises and many species of bird life such as flamingoes, boobies, penguins and frigate birds.

In the past careless tourists and tour operators have endangered the biodiversity of the islands. However, thankfully things are changing. The International Galapogos Tour Operators Association are a collective of tour operators who are working to ensure that tourism to the island is responsible and does not put any of the unique animals, flora and fauna, in jeopardy.

Ecotourists have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, dive and explore. In addition many tour operators provide the opportunity to learn about the natural history and the importance of conservation through tour guides who are biologists.

A list of ecotour operators who are either based in or organise trips to Galapagos. Each listing includes a full page description. Just click on the operator's link.

Travel agents that can arrange tailor made eco holidays to the Galapagos Islands:

Voga Travel Galapagos
Voga Travel is an independent travel company specializing in private tours to Central and South America with a commitment to sustainable travel practices. These tours range from adventure tours such as trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and family trips to the Galapagos Islands for those wishing to gain a unique and rewarding experience.

Adventure Life Journeys
Rich local culture, landscapes & small group travel. Explore South & Central America and Antarctica through thoughtful itineraries designed to step lightly and give back to local communities.

A Closer Look Travel
Specializes in booking eco travel, community (real cultural connection) travel and volunteer travel. We have one of the largest databases (about 3,300) of worldwide sustainable travel opportunities in the US.

Explore Worldwide
Explore pioneers small, group adventure holidays around the world. Explore’s responsible tourism policy is the cornerstone of the company’s approach to tour operating.

Lost World Adventures
Lost World Adventures specialises in independent and small group custom tours in Central and South America. Our trip consultants have first hand experience in the destinations we offer and can give insight into the regions within countries.

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