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Wild Tales Eco Sailing Tours

Sailing in Greece

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Experience an unforgettable journey of discovery!

Spotting dolphins and whales, exploring unique species, trekking through untouched paths, visiting national marine parks, applying simple ecological methods to field… are just a few of the activities you could participate in our Wild Tale projects.

Under the guidance of our experienced team of biologists you will be introduced to the tens of endemic species, both from the animal and plant kingdoms which exist only in this small corner of the globe.

Wild Tale One:
Biodiversity - 30 June – 6 July
Starting on the 30th of June from the capital of the Cyclades, Syros, and ending after one week at the volcanic island of Milos, home of the Milos Viper, the most endangered species in Europe.

During this sailing excursion, Dr. Panayiotis Pafilis will introduce you to the mysteries of the Aegean Sea. Having participated in many researches in the area, Panayiotis is the ideal person to open for you the mystic doors to the wild life of the Aegean, ‘‘the Archipelago of species’’.

Endangered animals like the Mediterranean Seal Monachus monachus and the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta and endemic species like the Skyros Wall Lizard Podarcis gaigeae, Milos Wall Lizard Podarcis milensis, Milos Viper Macrovipera hanschweizeri are the natural, unique wealth of the Aegean Sea. On our way to discover them sea birds and dolphins will be our companions.

You’ll have the opportunity not only to get introduced by an expert to a side of the Aegean that few people know about, but also to participate in our efforts to support their protection.

Our day-to-day itinerary is available upon request. Briefly:

* Day 1: Meeting at Ermoupolis, Syros. Briefing on the week’s activities.

* Day 2: Sailing & dolphin spotting with the aid of our hydrophone. Moor ing at the little fishing port of Piso Livadi in Paros.

* Day 3: “Small Cyclades” complex. Dock at the unspoilt little island of Iraklia. Applying simple ecology methods to field.

* Day 4: Uninhabited island of Despotiko. End of our ecology project. Barbecue on the beach.

* Day 5: Unspoilt island of Kimolos. Visit at the Society for the Protection of the Mediterranean Seal Monachus monachus (MOm).

* Day 6: Snorkling around the uninhabited island of Polyegos. Mooring at the volcanic island of Milos which is known for its unique fauna.

* Day 7: Trekking at the subsaline lake of Chivadolimni searching for endemic species and the stripe-neck terrapin.

Giants and Dwarves

Starting on the 8th of September, Tahita will set course for the area of depths up to 2,000m in the west Ionian Sea, at a place where sperm whales Physeter macrocephalus gather to forage the giant squid. With the use of our hydrophone we’ll try to listen to their magicical voices and track our giant friends down.

Panayiotis has chosen the islands where we’ll be anchoring in between our whale spotting in accordance to the uniqueness of their wildlife. He’ll introduce you to the magical world of species like birds, reptiles, marine invertebrates and mammals as well as the local fairy tales of places unspoilt by modern way of life.

You’re welcome to join us and participate in our project either for one or two weeks.

Our day-to-day itinerary is available upon request but briefly…

*****First Week: Corfu to Kefalonia, 8 - 14 September*****

* Day 1: Meeting at the fishing port of Petriti in Corfu. Briefing on the week’s activities.

* Day 2: Sailing towards Acherontas River, the mythical gate to the World of the Dead. Moor at the picturesque harbor of Parga.

* Day 3: Whale spotting with the aid of our hydrophone. Mooring at the port of Gaios in Paxoi islands.

* Day 4: Full day sailing and whale spotting. Main port of Lefkada island.

* Day 5: Roving in the whales region for one more day. Snorkelling at the magnificent cove of Agiofili. Barbecue on the beach.

* Day 6: Sailing in an area that offers hospitality to many rare species. Anchor at the beautiful bay of Atocos island.

* Day 7: End of our adventure in the picturesque fishing village of Fiscardo in Cephalonia.

*****Second Week: Cephalonia to Zakynthos, 15 - 21 September*****

* Day 1. Fiscardo, Cephalonia. Briefing on the week’s activities.

* Day 2. Bay of Laganas in Zakynthos Island. Visit at Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society for the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta.

* Day 3. Sailing and dolphin spotting towards Keri in south Zakynthos.

* Day 4. Day also dedicated to dolphin spotting. Mooring around Kaifa Lake.

* Day 5. Spend the day at Kaifa Lake, popular for its natural spa and baths and the safe refuge it provides to many fish species, even the loggerhead turtle and the green turtle.

* Day 6. Sailing to the Strofades complex. Great ecological significance due to the "phenomenon of gigantism".

* Day 7. Sailing back to Zakynthos and our farewell dinner.

Create your OWN Wild Tale
In case you cannot make the above dates, we can create an itinerary specially designed for your needs. We can arrange the following activities for you:

* Dolphin spotting
* Whale spotting
* Marine park visits to support the protection of the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta and the Mediterranean Seal Monahus monahus
* Bird spotting
* Lizard tracking
* Underwater eco photography seminar
* Underwater life and ecology seminar
* Diving and snorkelling
* Clean ups of beaches and bays
* Participate in a “real” biology research and apply simple ecology methods to field
* Trekking through untouched paths
* Agrotouristic activities

Just email us with your preferable activities and let us create the best possible eco tour for you!

EcoTourism Policies

Mystic Blue was inspired by a group of people from different backgrounds, with varied skills (divers, biologists and environmentalists), who were brought together due to their love of the sea and nature.

Our primary objective is the study and protection of the marine world and the raising of public awareness on environmental issues. In order to support our goal, we have formed a series of eco activities involving sailing, diving and exploring unique species.

When our sailing boat, Tahita, is not chartered, she sails on taking part in environmental activities throughout the year. We participate and support researchers in their collection of information and in their studies regarding ecology.

We organise clean ups of beaches, coves and underwater. We collect plastics for recycling. We organise marine ecology seminars for divers and underwater photography exhibitions with the aim of raising awareness towards the protection of the sea and wild life.


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