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Travel with Respect

There are sensitive subjects such as the two World Wars, the 1920 Treaty of Trianon and the 1956 Revolution/Civil War. Open display of the Communist red star and hammer and sickle symbol, and --especially-- the Nazi swastika and SS symbols, and the Hungarian fascist Arrow Cross is prohibited by law. Make sure your clothing does not have these symbols on it, even if it's just a joke. You can be fined for it. One possible exception is displaying shirts and symbols with Josip Tito's, Yugoslavia's best-known leader, known in Hungary for straying from Stalin's path. Members of the Gypsy community may find the traditional Hungarian label 'Cigány' (pron. 'tzigan') slightly offensive, preferring to be labeled as Roma. As a rural tradition, Hungarians affectionately refer to themselves as "dancing with tears in our eyes" ("sírva vigad a magyar"), as in a bittersweet resignation to the perceived unluck in their long history. Avoid mocking Hungarian history and Hungarian patriotism. Talking loudly is generally considered rude. You will notice how most Hungarians tend to keep their voices down in public places.

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Travel Safe

Watch your baggage and pockets on public transports. There is a danger of pickpockets.There are some reported cases when people got their baggage stolen while sleeping on the train, watch out for that.Generally, Hungary is rather quiet during the night compared to other European countries, and crime to tourists restricts to pickpocketing, and eventual cheating on prices and bills and taxi fares, see that section.Chances are weak, but indian, brazilian travellers might encounter hostility because of being misrecognized as the local gipsy minority, generally discriminated in Hungary.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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