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Travel with Respect

If you ever find yourself in a moment of awkward silence just talk about the weather, Icelanders love to talk about the weather (much like the British and other Scandinavians). Expect to be asked "How do you like Iceland?" several times during your stay. Having a witty response ready is recommended. Many tourists see Icelanders as gruff and unapproachable, this is generally just a first impression and most people are friendly and helpful. Incessant smiling and general over the top cheerfulness is not considered a standard way of greeting. Tipping is not expected in Iceland. Try to avoid conversations regarding Iceland´s aluminium factories or hydro plants (ex: Kárahnjúkavirkjun), since this remains a sensitive topic and has the country divided over support and opposition. Icelanders are very proud of their country and nature. Compliment these things, and you will get very eager tour guides and service. A common belief in Iceland is the hidden people, such as Elves or Dwarves who live in rocks and caves. Their road workers often avoid large rocks as to not upset the inhabitants. Approx 80-90% of Icelanders believe in the hidden people, and many claim to have seen them. There is even a museum in Reykjavík devoted to the hidden people. Those who do not believe in hidden people are just the same very respectful of them.

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Travel Safe

Emergency 'phone number: 112Iceland is among the safest places in the world, so there is next to no chance of getting robbed or harassed. This, however, excludes Reykjavík, which has recently begun to suffer of some petty theft, and monthly news of night-time rapes and beatings downtown. Also, use common sense when visiting the night life, partying in down town Reykjavik can get pretty wild and mixed with alcohol, you shoudn´t be surprised to see a lot of arguments and fights. If you see this happening, if anything just alert the next police officer you see, otherwise DON´T BE A HERO. There is a certain group of Icelanders who aren´t very keen to foreigners since Iceland is experiencing the largest immigration wave ever. (NOTE: FOREIGNERS HAVE BEEN ASSAULTED AND EVEN STABBED DURING THE WEEKENDS IN REYKJAVIK FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON) However this usually only applies to the more younger xenophobic generation, but nevertheless, bear in mind a little caution, but don´t let it prevent you from having fun.A good rule of thumb is to leave downtown Reykjavík before 3:30, as it's about that time things start to turn sour.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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