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Israel Travel Company
Israel Travel Company 2-3 day, small group, minimum 6 participants, eco study tours based on Good Water Neighbours Program developed by Friends of the Earth Middle East.

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Travel with Respect

Please note that Israel is considered the home state and motherland for Judaism. When travelling to Holy Sites, or going through religious neighborhoods or towns, please be very tolerant as the natives will be with you. Media Visitors to Israel are very often astounded at the almost compulsive need of Israelis to listen to the news. Ecclesiastes may have stated that "There is nothing new under the sun," but Israelis believe the opposite: they look forward to the news every hour on the hour out of a seemingly mystical belief that today is different from yesterday. Israel is generally a very relaxed country with a western-orientated outlook, yet fundamentally Jewish in every positive sense of the meaning. however there are a few situations which are slightly different. Visitors to some synagogues, most churches, and all mosques should be aware that entry will normally not be permitted to those with exposed legs (i.e. wearing shorts or short skirts) or women exposed upper arms. Women may be denied entry or ordered to wear robe before entering mosques or synagogues. Carry a wrap or bring a change of clothes. Mosques will also require you to take off your shoes before entry. Men should cover their heads in a synagogue.Arab-Israeli situation is an emotional issue for many, as well as the Holocaust/Shoah, as well as very much of Jewish History. Expressing any opinion about it might get you some nasty looks, even if you are very sure of the opinions of the people you are with. On the other hand, most people, both Israeli and Arab, would be happy to answer your questions about it. In addition, one should not make disdainful remarks about the Torah, or any other aspect of Judaism, towards Israelis, in particular, Observant Israelis. It could land you in hot water!Futhermore, in terms of etiquette, Israelis can often lambast those are slow and lazy, therefore one should display initiative and get the job done quickly.

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Travel Safe

We have no travel safety advice at present.

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* ecotourdirectory.com is not responsible for the travel advice and travel with respect sections on this page. We would strongly advise that before traveling to Israel you consult your countries embassy for the lastest guidance.

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