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Israel Travel Company

Israel Travel Company
Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary in India


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Israel Travel Company 2-3 day ,small group ,minimum 6 participants ,eco study tours based on Good Water Neighbours Program developed by Friends of the Earth Middle East.

Israel Travel Company offers itinerary planning, and personal tour guiding services, walking tours and adventure /eco tours.   

ITC has a small, committed staff with love of and specialities in diverse fields including quality accommodation touring, gourmet food and restaurants, cultural activities, music, adventure travel, history and archaeology, ecotourism and nature tours.


Offering a range of ecologically oriented travel packages that are inspired by Friends of the Earth Middle East programs.

Have a look at their website www.foeme.org and many of our ecotourism packages relate to their Good Neighbours program
http://www.foeme.org/projects.php?ind=142 by integrating classic Jordan ,Israel ,Palestinian touring with visits to local communities and learning about these environmental issues.

FoEME’s “Neighbors Paths” have been designed to educate and empower local residents and national and foreign tourists alike.

The purpose of the "Neighbors Paths" are to show the natural and cultural heritage of each one of our “Good Water Neighbor” communities and to learn about their water resources both in the past and in the present. Many trails highlight the rich history found in the region but also reveal degradation and pollution, often ‘not seen’ by local residents themselves and certainly not usually shown to tourists.

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