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This is the place to share your travel tips, top places to see, stories & experiences for Kazakhstan. Use our Greenlist as inspiration for your next travel adventure to Kazakhstan.

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Name: margi
E-mail: margi@lws.edu
Date posted: October 27, 2008 - 02:38 pm
Message: I am hoping to bring 12 students to kazakhstan in April/May. Our goal is to travel responsibly and to get to know the people, historical places and natural environment of the country we are visiting. We strive to involve ourselves in homestays, school exchanges, projects and in ways that allow us to have an authentic rather than superficial experience. We want to meet the people, learn from the people and their culture, learn from how they live and how their lives differ from ours as Americans.
Does anyone know of a trustworthy company that can asssit us. Our program runs from April 13 to May 7.

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