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Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Liberia.

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Travel with Respect

Liberians are very friendly and sociable. However, they do not take kindly to being ignored and will call you "rude". Make sure that you greet as many people as possible and smile when you do so. Make friends with any guard, cleaner etc that you come across, introduce yourself and remember their names. Your security will also improve as the locals will warn you of security threats if they know you and know that they can talk to you.Handshaking is the norm, usually followed by a finger snap. Shake hands with people you meet, even fruitsellers.As Liberia is incredibly poor, you will inevitably be asked for money or help of some kind. Usually the most persistant beggers are former combattants. Giving money to the elderly or the physically disabled will not go amiss. However, with most children and others, it's best to spend a little time with them, play a game, take digital photos (loved here) and then possibly give something as a gift to your friends. Liberians are proud people and their desperate need is no reason to treat them as beggers. School fees are expensive (up to a $100/year) so often foreigners are asked to pay for school, but this can also be used as a ploy.Most people in Monrovia, with the exception of internally displaced people, are relatively well-off in Liberian terms. The worst conditions are in the countryside, where help is also most needed. Rather than saying "no" to the requests, considered rude here, say "later" or "tomorrow" or "I will see what I can do". Do not ignore people.It is advisable to bring some business cards. They are given out at every function.[[The wars of the 1990's and 2000's is very fresh in MANY people's minds so it is advisable to stay away from talk of the wars. More than 300,000 people died in both wars.]]

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Travel Safe

Do not walk around at night, and make sure that your car doors are locked when you drive around. Rape and armed robbery are common and on the rise. Hotels etc have private guards and are rather safe. There are some gangs of former combattants, armed with machetes, who walk around poorer areas of Monrovia (Redlight). There are also former combatants in the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street. Do not walk there alone at all.The corner of Randall and Carey is also considered dangerous and supposedly a hang-out for drug dealers. Avoid any desolate places, and stay in groups. Keep an eye on the locals, if they are carrying on as normal and you see plenty of women and children about, it is unlikely that there will be major sources of concern. If, however, people have disappeared from a usually busy location, or you find yourself surrounded only by youths, you should try and make a hasty retreat. UNMIL has calmed the country (in general) but it is already now anticipated that when UNMIL leaves the security situation will be worse. It is advisable to inform you Embassy that you are in the country in case of evacuation. Furthermore, learn as much about the security situation as you can. Locals are a key source of information. Be careful, however, not to believe everything you hear. Rumours spread like wildfire in Monrovia as they are the main source of news. Details, however, are often inaccurate. Local newspapers are interesting reads. Daily Observer has the largest circulation but there are also several others. You can buy them from the street.

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