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Travel with Respect

Lithuanians are absolutely not ethnic Russians, they are Baltic. They are a distinct ethnic group and speak their own language (Lithuanian), which is one of the oldest languages in world with some resemblances to Russian and Polish. Thinking that Lithuanians are Russians is insulting to a number of Lithuanians as Lithuania was part of the Russian Empire and later a Soviet province. You should also try to remember that the Lithuanian capital is Vilnius, not Riga, which is the capital of neighbouring Latvia. However this mistake is considered to be more of an annoyance to locals as they get it very frequently. However, many don't mind if you mistakenly call them Soviet, especially those above 25.Most Samogitians consider themselves as Lithuanians, but some of them consider their nationality as Samogitian.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

In general, Lithuania is a safe country. But you should take basic safety measures: try to avoid showing a big sum of money. It is best not to try spending larger notes in nightclubs - several 10 and 20 litas notes are better than a large note such as a 50 litas or greater. You will draw a lot of attention to yourself if you try to use one of the larger banknotes for a small purchase such as a beer, and may also cause the proprietor difficulty in giving you change. When changing foreign currency into litas, ask for the smaller notes. taking care when visiting potentially dangerous neighbourhoods at night. After dark it is safer to walk along main roads, than to take a short cut through a park or apartment complex, as these areas often have very poor lighting. Take a taxi if you are nervous. As with eastern Europe in general, homophobic attitudes still prevail. Openly gay behaviour such as holding hands or kissing may result in a violent confrontation from an onlooker. Suspicion of homosexuality may also cause problems; two male visitors to a straight nightclub should sit a respectable distance apart, even if they are heterosexual.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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