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Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean off the South East coast of Africa opposite Mozambique. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has a unique ecology due to seperating from Africa before the evolution of birds and animals.

This means that the island boasts distinct species that can be found nowhere else on earth. However the island has experienced severe deforestation as the people who live in Madagascar are poor, therefore ecotourism is essential in achieving economic wellbeing for the locals and in protecting the 14 species of lemur, 13,000 native flowering plants, 316 native reptiles and 109 native birds.

The island has wild rainforests and a high plateau bursting with around a 1000 species of wild orchids. Although the island's rainforests are disappearing they are so rich in diversity that scientists are continually discovering new species. It is home to five percent of the world's plant and animal species; more than 80 percent of which are endemic to Madagascar. On your vacation you'll have the opportunity to view wildlife including lemurs, periwinkles and baobabs, aloes, geckoes, sifakas and octopus trees.

The Malagasy are mixed of Arab-African and Malayo-Indonesian ancestry backgrounds. The capital city is Antananarivo. Religious beliefs are Traditional beliefs, Christian and Muslim..

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Terra Incognita ECOTOURS - Madagascar
In Madagascar enjoy a two-week photo safari through the land that time forgot. Travel to three different ecosystems and witness a remarkable diversity of wildlife. Indris at Perinet, sifakas in Ampijoroa and ring-tailed lemurs galore in Berenty. This trip will exceed all your expectations.

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Ecotourism Madagascar Articles & Resources

Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Madagascar.

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Travel with Respect

Everyday life in Madagascar is regulated by numerous fady (taboos) which vary from one region to another. They can forbid foods (pork, lemur, turtle... ), wearing clothes of a particular colour, bathing in a river or a lake. Observance of "Fady" is mostly limited to rural areas, as tourists will most likely not run into this problem if they stay in the main towns. Fady are attributed to ancestors, to whom Malagasy adopt a respectful attitude whatever their religion. It is safest to respect these prohibitions so as not to offend them, even if their well-foundedness is sometimes debatable. Inform yourself about local fady when you arrive in a new place.Remember that respect is the most important.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Madagascar is a fairly safe country. You must, however, respect some simple principles:Don't walk around at night in big cities.Don't show signs of riches (cameras, jewels, ...).Don't resist in case of aggression.Keep your eyes on your stuff when you take public transportation or go to markets where numerous pickpockets swarm.It should also be noted that, like any other third world country, the presence of beggars never goes unnoticed. This is sometimes uncomfortable for tourists, but these people should be respected none-the-less. They are, predictably, attracted to foreigners and will not hesitate to ask for a hand out. It is recommended that you not give money, but other useful items, such as a banana, a piece of bread, etc. It is usually accepted with gratitude, and if the beggar is a child, he will run away with a smile on his face.

Information from wikitravel.org*

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* ecotourdirectory.com is not responsible for the travel advice and travel with respect sections on this page. We would strongly advise that before traveling to Madagascar you consult your countries embassy for the lastest guidance.

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