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Travel with Respect

The greetings are very important. One should learn the greetings in French, better Bambara. Even if one wants to buy fruits or a bread, the vendors should be greeted in a proper way. It's very important to show a general interest in the other person, so it's polite to ask after the family, the work, kids, and so on. The answer is simple: always "ça va" (everything is okay). The other must not answer in a negative way!Example: "Bonjour (good morning), ça va (how are you)?""Et la famille?" (...and the family?)"Et les enfants?" (...and the kids?)"Et le travail?" (...and your job?)...

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Travel Safe

Mali is generally a safe country with low rates of violent crime, however, you should always be aware of your belongings and never carry valuables in a backpack in a crowded area like the market as petty theft in such areas is not uncommon. The train between Bamako and Kayes is notorious for theft - if taking the train you should exercise extreme caution, be sure to carry a pocket flashlight, and keep your belongings with you and valuables directly on your person at all times. You also have a good chance of encountering the police. They are generally mostly concerned with directing traffic and fining people for improper papers, so you have little to fear from them but should always at least carry a copy of your passport and visa (and preferably the original provided you keep it secure). Only carrying a driving license is not sufficient and might lead to a ride to the police office - if you're not prepared to bribe your way out. Notice that the police in Bamako often stop taxis, although this can be somewhat avoided by never putting more than 4 passengers in the car and by only taking "official" cabs (the ones with the red plates ONLY - in Bamako a car with white plates is not an official taxi even if it has a taxi sign on top, regardless of what the driver may tell you!).

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