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Solo m4Uritius - Eco Holidays Mauritius

Walking in Mauritius


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What we Offer:
Eco Holidays to Mauritius for Independent Solo Travellers(couples and families are also welcome) Your friendly hosts will introduce you to the culture and cuisine of this stunning Island.

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Swimming Pool

Our holidays are about travellers enjoying eco holidays to Mauritius, which apart from it's fabulous beaches, has a great deal to offer the visitor. Waiting to be discovered is a stunning green and lush interior, with fantastic volcanic Mountains and dense unspoilt forests, which can be explored on foot or mountain-bike.

A diverse and multi-cultural population proud of their Island, united by the creole language, and welcoming to visitors from overseas.

This Holiday is will allow you to discover Mauritius at your own pace, you will not be part of a holiday where you find yourself herded together with 30 other "like minded guests" and be expected to join in the fun & games.

Your privacy is respected, and your hosts Maryline & Paul will provide you with as much, or as little help in organising your stay in Mauritius as you desire.

Your all Inclusive Holiday with Solo m4Uritius comprises of:-
- Your chosen accommodation requirements
- The provision of 3 meals per day
- 14 full days of green excursions and optional social/eco voluntary work

A Holiday in Mauritius with Solo m4Uritius is the perfect solution for people who are unable to take very long periods off work but who are interested in visiting a fabulous Holiday destination, and are also given the opportunity to work with communities in need, or in wildlife conservation on a voluntary basis.

Solo m4Uritius aims to provide a true eco holiday in Mauritius where visitors can . experience the “Real Mauritius”, a melting pot of cultures and people proud of their Island, welcoming to visitors from overseas, and united by their Creole language.

The Island has a fascinating history from the days of the first Dutch settlers and it’s colonial past to a fast developing country, all set against a beautiful scenic backdrop.

How this holiday makes a difference

Our company policy is about sensitively supporting the Mauritius and the country's environment, social and economic policies, whilst minimising visitors' own negative impact in these three areas.

The 14 day tour is a balance of eco tourism and volunteer experience where visitors have the opportunity to get involved with the community in social/eco voluntary work.

The rest of the time is dedicated to providing an eco-friendly tour around Mauritius.

Your All Inclusive Holiday can be tailor made to suit your preferences.

The proposed Itinerary is flexible and can include voluntary work, or if you prefer this aspect of your Holiday can be reduced, and or omitted and be replaced by other activities or excursions. There are no obligations and the choice is all yours.

1. Arrival.

Welcoming drink of local rum punch. Meet your hosts who will outline the activities and excursions taking place during the next two weeks. In the evening we will have a welcoming meal and social gathering with other guests and staff.

2.Mountain adventure.

At dawn we climb Lion Mountain and see a part of Mauritius that is sure to take your breath away. We watch the sunrise and the changing colours of the landscape as the day breaks. We return to Casa Tia for breakfast and a refreshing break by the swimming pool. After an early lunch we continue our exploration of the local mountain side with a visit to the awe inspiring beauty of Domaine Anse Jonchee and a visit to the essential oil distillery of Ylang Ylang. We return to Casa Tia for dinner.

3.Temples and National Park.

The day begins with a drive through the central plateau into the mountains to Grand Basin, a holy temple and lake, where each year thousands of Hindu's make a pilgrimage to worship and bring prosperity into their lives. We continue to Black River Gorge National Park and experience it’s stunning unspoilt natural beauty. We have a picnic lunch followed by a visit to Chamarel to view the Seven Coloured Sands, an amazing geological formation. The day finishes with a gradual decent from the mountains and our return to Casa Tia for dinner

4. Adventure in Paradise -

- Explore by 4x4 L'Etoile & Ferney Reserve
- Panoramic views of the East, South East and North of the island
- Indigenous vegetation
- Stags in natural habitat
- Enjoy a typical Mauritian picnic Explore the balance of nature and uncover some of the fabulous natural treasures of Mauritius. We return to Casa Tia for dinner.

5. Youth and community work.

The day will entail work with the local youth and community providing help and support to those in need and an opportunity to learn the daily life of the people on the island.

6. Mountain challenge.

An early morning start for a brisk climb to the second highest mountain, Le Pouce. The day is filled with a geographical orientation of the island, its history and its unique environment. After lunch at the top we descend for an afternoon visit to Eureka house a traditional colonial style building. We return to Casa Tia for dinner

7. Cultural Evening “Creole Style”

Days relaxation and free time, to prepare you self for a Mauritian Sega night party and BBQ dinner at Casa Tia.

8. Local Nature and History.

- The traditional Mauritian village of Mahebourg
- National History Museum
- Spectacular views of Grand Port mountain range and islands of the lagoon.
- La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes, home to over 2,000 Nile crocodiles, the world's largest captive breeding reserve for the Aldabra Tortoise and the Indian Ocean region's largest collection of insects

This thoroughly enjoyable full day tour takes you first to the National History Museum at Mahebourg for a fascinating glimpse at many aspects of the Mauritian heritage. We then proceed to La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes, a lush tropical forest, and home to over 2,000 Nile crocodiles .

9. Conservation project.

Today we work on local Beach reclamation and cleaning projects.

10.Tea Route.
- Visit Domaine des Aubineaux, one of the few remaining original colonial houses built in 1872.
- See the processing of leaves at a traditional tea factory.
- Travel through some of the island's most beautiful countryside, visiting vanilla and anthurium plantations en route. Picnic on route.
- Saint Aubin, a fine 19th century plantation house lovingly restored to its former glory.
- Opportunity to buy unique Mauritian teas and rum

11. Southern coast drive.

An early start begins with a short drive south along the coast, through fishing villages. The first stop is at Rochester falls, followed by a stop at Le Gris Gris known for its big waves. The journey continues to Le Souffleur a place where the ocean blows like a whistle. After short drive we arrive at Blue Bay and lunch is served on the beach. There is time to relax, stretch the legs and go for a dip. An optional activity is to go on a glass bottom boat to see the coral reef and it abundance of sea life. We return to Casa Tia for dinner

12. Botanical gardens and the North.

The tour heads inland to the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, home to Giant Lilies and the best varieties of tropical plant species. Our journey continues to the northern tip of the island. The best beaches on the island are found here. At night we head out to savor some of the Mauritian fine cuisine and entertainment.

13. Barbeque Night.

Days relaxation

Evening Creole bbq party

14. Port Louis Market and Museum.

Our last day is in the Capital Port Louis. Visiting the National Museum . Shopping in the city bazaar for last minute gifts and souvenirs.

Today we work on local Beach reclamation and cleaning projects. Our last day is in the Capital Port Louis. Visiting the National Museum . Shopping in the city bazaar for last minute gifts and souvenirs.


Sundance Promotions the owner operators of Casa Tia Villa Holiday Bungalows are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism and to making a positive contribution to conservation of wildlife habitat and to create benefits for local communities in the areas where we operate.

We believe that the ecotourism industry can play a key role in raising awareness among tourists of the environmental consequences of their actions, especially when it brings them in close contact with nature and the environment, and we strive to achieve this through our Bungalow Complex, camps and company philosophy.
We believe that this will lead to environmentally conscious behavior and activities to help preserve the environment. Our environmental policy addresses the impact and management of the land, water, energy, sewage and solid wastes.

We are committed to protecting the natural flora and fauna found in the areas that we operate in. Our tented camps, purposefully, have no permanent structures and are strategically placed around the available trees and shrubs. In so doing, when the time comes to remove the camp the area will revert back with no visible signs of a camp or people ever having been there. We are also very aware of the risks and damage of fires and ask our guests to help us avoid this. We do not allow smoking on Forest Hikes, and also ask our visitors not to smoke inside the Bungalows.When on camping Trips, smoking is limited to the area around the Tent, where an ashtray is provided and we request guests to discard cigarette ends into these ashtrays.All camp cooking is done in a portable B.B.Q Stove, and no fires are lit directly on the beach sand or forest floor. The total number of guests at any one time is limited to a maximum of only twelve, thereby preventing damage to the environment that may be caused by the large numbers found at many other Hotels, complexes and camps.

We believe in the protection of the wildlife and flora of Mauritius.
The local communities have co-existed with the plant and wildlife for centuries and have a vast and valuable knowledge of the land and all contained within it. We believe, in learning from them and providing our guests the opportunity to learn first hand from the local people. We also make an effort to actively help in educating the communities on the benefits to them and their lands from ecotourism projects.

The Fishing Boats we charter, will operate a tag and release scheme if requested by clients. However we acknowledge that responsible fishing provides a source of income and food to many poor families, and we insure that any fish caught and brought ashore, are sold to provide income to employ local people, and that we regularly distribute a proportion of the fish to local people in our village.

We are committed to conserving and preventing contamination of water found in our areas and realize that it is a precious resource for us and the local community. When going on camping Trips We have to transport the water in for use at the camp and we request that our guests conserve water as much as possible. We also ask guests in the Bungalow Complex to only flush the toilet when necessary. All sewage and waste water is managed so as to prevent any contamination of the water table and water courses. All water used in our swimming pool is chemically treated and filtered, and when draining for annual maintenance, we refill the pool with water pumped from the river, and not with water supplied by the water board which is a precious drinking commodity

Solar Power. We where possible heat our water by solar power.
We have ensured that no charcoal made from indigenous trees is used in our camps and bungalow complex. Instead we have opted for a safe responsible environmentally friendly \"green charcoal\" briquette, when it is available for us to purchase.

Solid Waste
We have implemented a recycling system for all waste - this is segregated into certain categories [Glass, plastics, metals and tins, used oil, mineral water bottles, used batteries, paper waste, and all bio-degradable waste] The segregated waste is then treated accordingly - the bio-degradable waste is composted in a closed and locked pit - and the remainder collected removed for proper disposal.

All guest waste water and sewerage is presently directed into 2 separate septic tanks for proper and effective treatment and to ensure there is no pollution of the water table.

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