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Villa Del Faro - Eco Hotels in Mexico


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Villa Del Faro, Mexico

"Exquisitely off the grid" An elegant eco- hotel, Villa del Faro is a unique oasis nestled on a deserted beach. The Villa was created as a labor of love by artisans and architects.

We offer solitude instead of shops, safe swimming beaches, great books, gourmet food, snorkeling, surfing . . . and just pure beauty! One hour north of the Los Cabos Airport . . . but a world away in seclusion and serenity. Five separate Casitas. Breakfast included.

Villa del Faro is one hour north of the Los Cabos Airport…but it is a world away in seclusion and serenity. We offer five very private casitas from the Stone Beach Cottage to the elegant Casa Alberca.

We offer five very private casitas from the Stone Beach Cottage to the elegant Casa Alberca. It is not a place for everyone. It offers solitude instead of shops, long walks on the only swimmable beach on the east cape, hikes into the deep arroyos instead of golf, watching the whales play from your private balcony instead of TV, and personal care from the friendly family who run and own it. A stay in this beautiful place is more like being a guest in someone’s fabulous home, which is exactly what the owners intended.


“Exquisitely off the grid” is our motto.

Originally a private home for a large extended family, the villa was built, as much as possible, around the cactus, leaving many trees and natural plants untouched. Always aware of the ecological impact they were making, the family chose to build little houses here and there, rather than one huge imposing structure. The result is a closeness to the desert, a sort of interaction between civilization and the wildness of nature.

This haven was built as a conscious embrace of all living things. There was nothing here, so we learned to live on solar power and shower on a few gallons of water a day. As water is the gold of our desert, we ask our guests to learn to use as little of it as possible, as well. We also teach our guests to live “off the grid” on solar power without waste of energy, to recycle ( we provide the containers) and to think carefully before using unnecessary resources. ( Like the water to change linen unnecessarily). Everything at the Villa is run on solar power, supplemented by a generator when needed.

Of course the emphasis is on guest relaxation, but as you begin to understand the area and its limited resources you will no doubt feel proud to be supporting local conservation through accommodation that has been doing things the “green” way long before anyone thought it was important . . .
When we first began to build here we were hauling in trees, mixing cement in a hole in the ground, using nothing but hand tools. Everyone learned from the bottom up. All our roofs were poured by hand. Of course we support local artists and buy fresh fish from the local fisherman’s cooperative, and fresh vegetables from the local farmers.

We have always lived this way here, however as Southern Baja has become a more popular destination, many hotels are springing up further down the Coast with shocking disregard to the scarce resources that make this land so beautiful. One of our goals is to be an example of the real practicality of living “green” without sacrificing either beauty or elegance. We helped to set up a protected Marine park in the area, where fishing is not allowed and responsible ecological rules are followed. We encourage our guests to visit the park and enjoy its extraordinary diving and snorkeling. We have been working most recently with a local group called “Los Angeles del Estero” who are fighting to preserve and protect the threatened estuary in San Jose del Cabo. The estuary is not only the home of many endangered species, but a stop over on the migration route of many more. We encourage out guests to visit it.

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