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Little Morrocco

Berber gite

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Contact email:
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(UK) 01239820951
(Morocco) 0021215342373

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Bin El Ouidane

The Hart family have teamed up with the The Gushely family (Local berber family) to provide you with a warm welcome and an environment that is both traditional and ethically sound .

The Small Hotel:
Is in a traditional, hand shaped, mud plastered stone dwelling, backing on to fortifications and overlooking a meandering six mile long lake.
The nearest village is Bin el Ouidane, nestled in to the middle of the mid Atlas mountains,

Surrounding Terrain:
Scrub, rocks, cactus and canyons, gravel roofed stone dwellings. Eco farming as it has always been done - without the use of petrochemicals .

The web of interconnecting footpaths rambling over the stony slopes or take a Kayak journey and discover otters and fresh water turtles who bathe in the sunshine on ledges around the lake, whilst eagles soar above. Maybe join a stream of donkey traffic to the local market. where you will find pyramids of spice, tea stalls, and watch the hubbub of local life.

There are four twin and one single ground floor rooms, each with their own access to the outside. Upstairs there is one double bedroom with space for two single beds. Also there are five sweet little rooms divided from the traditional large dwelling area. This design gives the room a gentle soft light from the centre roof window. The roof light is left open in hot weather and we have mosquito netted the gaps between beams and dividing walls where light comes into the rooms.

The Berber Longroom is carpeted in rich hand spun thick pile wool carpets and sleeps 4 with seating area or six without. In days of old 12 people would have happily spent the night here.

The cascades d’Ouzoud are truly remarkable and the most beautiful waterfalls in morocco. Berbary apes and swallows can be found here. Ouzoud is Berber for olives, which are the main produce in this region. Other tree’s include oak and pomegranate. The cascades are an hour and a half, drive from the Hotel.

Other points of interest, are the caves, along the lake, an easy twenty minute walk, from the Hotel. These caves were inhabited, by the Portuguese, seven to eight hundred and fifty years ago, remains of the buildings inside the caves can still be seen. You can explore the caves, by boating or kayaking, at least one of the caves, is accessible. Other caves are a bit high up to reach.

A two hour trip from the Hotel, will take you past Tilguit, here they have a large rock, called Lacatadoron, climbers take tours to this rock, but bring your own climbing equipment. Also kayakers bring there kayaks here for the white water.

EcoTourism Policies

Sustainable Ecotourism and Environment
We aim to promote sustainable lifestyles through the holiday experience. We choose products that do not damage the environment, have clear fishing guidelines to protect stocks and avoid pollution of the lake or surroundings.

We promote a life of low greenhouse gas emissions through living simply, Berber style.

Our buildings are made of locally available natural materials, hand-crafted with very little embodied energy. The furnishings are also locally made and of natural materials.


 Ecover not chemical cleaning products

 Local pottery kitchen and dining ware

 Local transport by boat, donkey and taxi

 Promote protection and appreciation of wildlife and vegetation

 Rules to prevent fishing during breeding season

 Careful disposal of waste

 Locally made wood furniture

 Natural lighting and solar gain for warmth

 Include overland options for travel to and from holiday

Fair Trade Partnership
Our project is a partnership between ourselves who have invested and developed the ruins into an EcoGhite and the Berber family who retain ownership and act as hosts and guides to the guests. Income will be fairly divided according to our input.

We source almost everything from local traders and craftsmen, keeping as much benefit as possible in the community. We aim to buy fair-trade wherever possible.

Culture and Education
Our holidays introduce people to the Berber life and culture. They are a genuine meeting of cultures with mutual learning, rather than detached tourism where visitors stare at locals rather than sharing their lives. Here they can experience Berber life and culture through cooking, sleeping, socialising, eating and activities such as dance, hammam, treks and shopping. In return the hosting family has learned about the need for good environmental practice to satisfy the market for Eco-tourism. The project also promotes mutual learning of languages, so guests learn to speak some Berber, the Goojalis are rapidly learning English.


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