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Myths & Legends Eco Tours

Eco Tours New Zealand

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0064 3 5736901

0064 3 5736901

316A Waikawa Rd
Picton, Marlborough
New Zealand

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Myths and Legends Eco Tours offer personalised eco-cruises in the beautiful sheltered waterways of the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

Come join us, a local Maori family specialising in the culture, history and our environment. Hear our stories while sitting back relaxing and taking in the wildlife, dolphins, birds and seals with the stunning nature bush backdrop of the Marlborough Sounds.

Ours is a historic, cultural, personalised, Eco Tour; conducted on a 70 year old classic Marlborough Sounds launch that is warm, quiet, cosy and dignified.

You will find us in a picturesque little fishing village in a town called Picton, at the head of the Queen Charlotte Sounds; a sheltered inland waterway in the greater Marlborough Sounds that consists of hundreds of bays, beaches & inlets.

As a region, we pride ourselves on our initiatives to promote the Marlborough Sounds as "A world wide centre of environmental excellence".

Come and enjoy the sights, the bird song and the amazing bio-diversity that the Marlborough Sounds has to offer - the Dolphins, seals, fish, birds, and beautiful podacarp forests.


Takutai and Peter

Thank You! For your warm hospitality a most incredible tour of the Sounds, and for us. For me, being with you for three days accomplished the last and maybe most important goal of this trip; really get to know some local people. Touring didn't allow us to do that.

I will take home the adventures of the past three days, and the story of Takutai and Pete, as well as the story of Tutanekai and Hinemoa! You two are worthy of your very own legends. It's been a pleasure to meet you.


Elizabeth Shier

EcoTourism Policies

Kia Ora Myths & Legends is a personalized eco tour cruising the beautiful sheltered waterways of the Marlborough sounds New Zealand.

Come and interact with a local Maori family who have lived in this area for generations & let Pete Takutai & Tane share the untold stories.Learn about the history, culture and the efforts to preserve and restore the natural environment while relaxing on the decks of our classic launch Tutanekai.

Experience the thrill of seeing Dolphins , seals , birds and pristine native bush and imagine what things must have been like for the early settlers. This is a mystical experience that you will treasure.

Our Focus

Our main focus is the education of our youth. By taking out school groups we are able to show children the natural beauty,and the importance of looking after our environment. Another focus has been setting up Gradians of the Sounds whos aim is to ensure that the natural environment,water quality,eological biodiversity,safty of people and wildlife of the Marlborough Sounds are managed wisely both now and in the future.







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