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¡Un Buen Viaje! - Eco Tours in Nicaragua

Central Valley Ecolodge - Costa Rica


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What we Offer:
Small group travel to Nicaragua with a focus on culture,
history and sustainable tourism. Hiking, kayaking,
horseback riding.

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At ¡Un Buen Viaje! we're about the spirit of the journey. We take time to create connections with the country, know its people, and explore.

This is not your typical "package tour." of Nicaragua..

As such, we plan ahead for all our journeys then take it one day at a time, always mindful of the country's rhythm and our travelers' desires.

You’ll meet people who live, work, and play in the places we visit. We'll visit their homes and communities. You'll learn about Nicaragua from the inside out, through the voices of its people, its complex history, and rich culture.


Treading Lightly in the Developing World

At ¡Un Buen Viaje!, we don't just think about what we can bring back from Nicaragua, but also what we can contribute. We want to become part of the fabric of everyday Nicaraguan life, so we live by simple but important rules:

* We take time to learn about local history and culture.

* We spend money on locally produced goods and services.

* We use water and electricity sparingly.

* We don’t give money or sweets to children. Instead, we give to recognized local charities.

* We protect natural resources, and we never buy souvenirs or goods made from wildlife unless they are clearly sustainably produced.

* We always ask before taking photos/videos of people.

* A portion of all tour proceeds goes to the communities in which we travel.




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