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Travel with Respect

Visitors are treated as kings in Niger (there is a Koranic proverb to that effect), so be careful not to abuse the hospitality you will be shown. For the most part, try to accept all the small tokens and gestures (cokes, tea, small gifts, etc.) that are offered to you during your time in Niger. It really isn't good to refuse too much and don't think "these people are too poor to give me these things". That is offensive as taking good care of guests is a point of honor and gives people great pleasure. Don't comment out loud when you see poverty or things in disrepair and please don't remind Nigeriens about how poor their country is.Always ask people, especially the elderly, before taking a photograph. Many Nigeriens still believe that a camera has the ability to take their soul somehow.Also, remember Niger is a predominantly Muslim country. Covering up knees (especially women, but men too) is typically very appropriate and appreciated anywhere you go in Niger. For women wearing tank tops or revealing clothes outside of Niamey can be seen as VERY offensive. Even in some parts of Niamey it can be frowned upon.

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Travel Safe

Niger is one of the safest countries in West Africa. The only annoyances you are likely to meet are young boys shouting "Anasara," which means 'foreigner' in most local languaes, derived from the Arabic word. You will also be asked for a 'cadeau' pretty much every time you see a person outside your hotel. The word is French for 'present,' and it is best to remember not to perpetuate the misery this word causes to foreigners working in the country.In Niamey you should feel safe, even after dark, no matter what US Department of State says. If you stay away from markets after dark and use taxis you shouldn't run into any problems at all. In markets there is risk of pickpockets, but you are more likely to lose money by haggling poorly and in French.Carrying a backpack and camera, looking like a tourist, and especially being a white, will definitely draw some unwanted attention. Most of the attention is from people who try to get your money legally, either by selling you a toothbrush or by begging, but there are always few less honest people.In the region north of Agadez, there have been many car-jackings, kidnappings and robberies in the past sixteen or so years.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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