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Travel with Respect

If you are speaking the language, some of the languages have different ways of addressing those older than you, from those younger than you. You do not hand things over to people, especially adults and elders older than you, with your left hand. It's considered an insult. You don't cross or jump over someone's legs if they are sitting with the legs extended out. It's considered bad luck. Avoid shaking hands with elders and older people in non igbo villages. It's disrespectful to do that. Can you bow down a little? Kneeling for women or prostrating by men is the normal thing to do. You may not need to do it either, but just show some form of respect when greeting older people. You can get away with not doing that in big cities or urban areas, they are less traditional there. When entering a house designated as Mekules in the North, meaning there are Muslim women whose faces visiting men cannot see, you have to let them know in advance that you are visiting so that the women can retire to other parts of the house until your visit is over. Men are not supposed to see them because it is believed they would become corrupt by looking at other men and vice versa. Knock the door and wait to be answered before going in. They will ask you to wait while the women are informed. Do not be offended by the wait.

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Travel Safe

The Niger delta area is unsafe for tourists. There have been several kidnappings of foreign oil workers. Be aware of street salesmen. Actually, you could buy a lot of stuff while you drive your car but is not recommended, and most of the merchandise are Chinese copies of known brands like "Duracell" batteries and such.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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