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Travel with Respect

As a general rule, always remember that most islanders are descended from the Bounty mutineers. Therefore, when talk turns to that episode in their history, which it frequently does when tourists are involved, always agree with whatever opinion is being expressed rather than trying to argue against the mutiny.Norfolk's society is sometimes viewed as a "closed shop", in that all the locals know each other and many are related through marriage. This, coupled with the laidback lifestyle of the island, can sometimes frustrate visitors. Again, try to work around this.There are convict ruins dotted around the island, but resist the temptation to explore if the ruin is off-limits in any way, as there are periodic restoration attempts..

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Travel Safe

Crime on Norfolk Island is very low, though not unknown. Most islanders think nothing of leaving their houses and cars unlocked. Always remember to exercise commonsense when doing this, though, as most criminals are opportunists and it is not unknown for criminals to take "working vacations" too.Driving is on the left, with a speed limit outside Burnt Pine of 50kph and inside Burnt Pine of 40kph (30kph in the school zone). Seatbelts, while fitted to all cars, are rarely used and rarely necessary. When driving outside of the town, remember that cows and other animals have right of way. Also remember to watch out for the "Norfolk Wave", a wave (ranging from a raised index finger off the steering wheel through to an enthusiastic movement of the arm) used by all locals to greet passing traffic.Emily Bay, located near Kingston, is the only safe location to swim on Norfolk as it is protected by a natural coral reef. All other bays are unpatrolled and have unpredictable conditions. A Norfolk tradition is that of the "Seventh Wave", the unpredictable rising in wave height which can sweep unwary swimmers out to sea.

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