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Travel with Respect

The Omanis are generally very humble and down-to-earth people. The usual rules of respect when travelling in a Muslim country should be followed in Oman, even when locals appear to be a little less "uptight" than their neighbours. Do not discuss or question the Sultan's sexuality; while this is a subject of rumors in the West, it is not an acceptable topic in Oman. While Omanis may not say anything to foreigners who dress in tight or revealing clothing, it is quite disrespectful. Yes, some visitors push the goodwill of the Omanis in choosing their attire, but a little sensitivity goes a long way. It is best to cover one's shoulders and knees, and to avoid low cut necklines. Swimsuits are really appropriate only at the beach--even at a 5-star resort, wearing a loose covering between one's room and the beach is considered a courtesy. Women will get additional respect if they cover their heads and wear clothes covering their bodies...

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Travel Safe

Oman is a safe country and crimes rarely happen as the Royal Oman Police is very efficient and honest.In the recent past however there have been rumours about children being kidnapped, abused and even killed in and around Muscat area. In March 2008 the Royal Oman Police also sent sms messages to residents in Muscat asking them to keep an eye on children. So its always better to keep an eye on your kids and be careful as in any other place in the world.Driving in Muscat can sometimes be a problem, although this is due more to congestion than bad driving on the part of the locals. Outside of the major cities, a common driving risk is falling asleep at the wheel due to the long stretches of featureless desert. Driving in Oman calls for attention to the unexpected. It has the second highest death rate from traffic accidents in the world (surpassed only by Saudi, followed closely by the UAE). Omani drivers outside of the cities tend to drive very fast and pass with impunity. Driving at night is especially hazardous as many drivers fail to turn their headlights on.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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