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Find an eco tour in Pakistan. A list of eco tour operators, travel agents and accommodation providers either based in or that can organise trips to Pakistan. Each listing includes a full page description so click for more information.

Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Eco Accommodation in Pakistan

Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP)
ESP offers ecotours all over Pakistan for families, researchers, students and scholars providing them in depth knowledge about culture, heritage and people of mountains.

A Closer Look Travel
Specializes in booking eco travel, community (real cultural connection) travel and volunteer travel. We have one of the largest databases (about 3,300) of worldwide sustainable travel opportunities in the US.

Explore Worldwide
Explore pioneers small, group adventure holidays around the world. Explore's responsible tourism policy is the cornerstone of the company's approach to tour operating.

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Ecotourism Pakistan Articles & Resources

Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Pakistan.

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Travel with Respect

Pakistanis pride themselves on their tradition of hospitality to guests (mehmanawazi in Urdu, milmastia in Pashtu, puranadari in Punjabi). Just a greeting of Salam Alaykum will get you far in endearing yourself to people. If you are travelling outside the big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad it is advisable to learn some basic Urdu or a regional language.Just respect and observe. Pakistan is a conservative country and it is advisable for women to wear long skirts or pants in public (Pakistani women wear the traditional shalwar kameez). Dress codes for men are more lax, though shorts are uncommon. Never shake hand with a woman you dont know very well.Never point the soles of your feet or shoes at anyone, as this is considered disrespecful. As with most of South Asia you should use your right hand for eating, shaking hands and giving or receiving everything (including money), and reserve your left hand for handling shoes and assisting in toilet duties.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Pakistan is a fairly stable and welcoming country, however you should always seek advice about off-limits areas before coming. It is strongly advised not to participate in any conversation against Islam.Stay away from tribal areas and the sensitive Afghan border regions as the Pakistan government has little to no authority in these areas and cannot aid you in an emergency. If traveling in the south of the country seek advice from tourist offices and embassies about which areas are safe.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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* ecotourdirectory.com is not responsible for the travel advice and travel with respect sections on this page. We would strongly advise that before traveling to Pakistan you consult your countries embassy for the lastest guidance.

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