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Ecocircuitos Panama

Ecocircuitos Panama

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 Explore Panama and Central America with a great team. Ecocircuitos specializes in: educational and cultural tours, Panama beaches and islands tours, Panama rainforest birding and hiking tours.

Ecocircuitos specializes in personalized travel planning in the Republic of Panama, a unique Central American country with stunning and unexplored beaches, quaint mountain towns, easily accessible tropical rainforests, diverse indigenous cultures and of course, one of the marvels of 20th century engineering, the Panama Canal.

Our vision is to combine fun outdoor activities, cultural exchange and nature preservation to make unforgettable vacations for our clients. The tour companies, hotels, lodges and guides working with Ecocircuitos share this affirming vision and strive to make your every experience in Panama a positive and enjoyable one.

Our company supports sustainable development and conservation through donations from our eco-adventures and careful selection of providers.

Panama Wildlife

With its huge expanses of tropical rainforest, the Isthmus of Panama is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. Its unique ecology stems in part from its connection to two continents. Birds are a primary indicator of biodiversity and Panama takes a grand prize: it has 936 species of birds, more than the United States and Canada combined.

Until 1996 Panama held the Audubon Society's world record for identifying the most species of birds in a single day - 357 species were counted in one 24-hour period.

There are 125 animal species found only in Panama, and many kinds of animals can be seen including: tapirs, caiman, monkeys, sloths, jungle cats, deer, bats, possums, etc. Panama is also privileged to be home to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), the world's primary tropical scientific investigation center, which has been cataloging and monitoring this vast ecological heritage for nearly a century.

EcoTourism Policies

EcoCircuitos is currently involved in projects of community assistance and is a contributor to environmental causes. We believe that tourism offers unique opportunities to improve the lives of Panama’s indigenous groups and local people, as well as unsurpassable experiences for the adventure traveler.

By simply traveling with us, you can help some of the communities in Panama. For example, we have sent dozens of travelers to the Naso Indians’ WEKSO Lodge in Bocas del Toro and work closely with the Embera people of Chagres National Park to make tours of their villages memorable and fun. EcoCircuitos also organizes annual medical visits and collects donations for badly needed medicines.

We support the work Women in Development through its charitable program, which pays for girls in remote areas of the country to continue their schooling.

For more information about our charitable work, please contact us. We hope that we can inspire you to take an EcoCircuitos trip or directly support a charitable cause in Panama.

Ecocircuitos Panama is a member of:

- The Ecotourism Society (TIES)

- A member of the American Birding Association

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