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Travel with Respect

As in many Melanesian cultures, greeting people with a friendly handshake is very important. Be aware, however, that it is a sign of respect not to make eye contact when this is being done. The sight of hotel staff calling you by name, shaking your hand and looking respectfully at the floor is an unusual one at first, but one you will soon get used to.

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Travel Safe

PNG has a reputation as a risky destination in some circles. This is due predominantly to the activities of criminal gangs (known in Tok Pisin as raskols) in major cities, especially in Port Moresby. Raskolism is generally a result of unemployment stemming from increased domestic migration from subsistence farming in the hills to the nearest urban area. Some towns in the highlands, such as Tari, are in fact effectively lawless as the police presence has been discontinued.If you are planning a trip to PNG, the most important thing is to stay up to date on the law and order situation in the locations you are planning to visit. Most hotels in Port Moresby are secure and situated inside compounds, generally with armed guards patrolling the perimeter. Don't be alarmed, as actual gunfire in the capital is mercifully rare. If planning on taking a tour of any city, make inquiries with your hotel or accommodation provider, as many will be able to drive you to wherever you are planning to go, or just around the local area if that is what you want to do.Stay very alert after dark if you are outside a compound, which is somewhere you should only be in the rarest circumstances. Beware or avoid pedestrian crossing if you are driving, hijacking of car who stop for pedestrian to across are will planned. Female travellers should take extra precautions, although reports vary as to whether the capital or regional centres are safer for solo female travellers. PNG is also reputatable of looting & scavanging during crisis. Criminal also pray on its victim by dressing in police uniform. Union workers going on strike & public facilities like roads, hospital, prison, police force, telecommunication, water and electric power were distrubted by the workers and landowners to extend demand.Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) are very common in Papua New Guinea and are capable of growing to immense lengths of 8 meters or more (although individuals over 6 meters are very rare). They can and do occasionally devour humans and should be shown respect at all times. They are equally at home in coastal waters as they are in freshwater lakes and rivers. Swimming is generally not advised except at higher elevations and in hotel swimming pools. Papua New Guinea, along with Australia, has the highest and healthiest population of large Saltwater Crocodiles in the world.

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