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Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc

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What we Offer:
Guided tours with a purpose of viewing, interacting within a natural environment with our goal on interpretation, education, leading to conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders! Let our well trained guides show you Puerto Rico’s natural wonders via Kayaking, Biking & Nature Walk tours.

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Puerto Rico

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Welcome’s you to our Beautiful Island where diversity and ecology meet in a perfect harmony!

Eight ecosystems found on our island that range from open water reefs, mangrove channels, salt water lagoons inland to tropical rainforest peaks known as the cloud forest await you!

Let our well trained guides show you Puerto Rico’s natural wonders via Kayaking, Biking & Nature Walk tours!

Guided tours with a purpose of viewing, interacting within a natural environment with our goal on interpretation, education, leading to conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders!

We are licensed & endorsed by "Puerto Rico Tourism Company", "Department of Natural Resources", "U.S. Forestry Department", "Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association", "Puerto Rico Convention Bureau" and are proud to promote "Responsible Marketing", "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", "Pack It In Pack it Out" and "Sustainable Tourism"!

Looking forward to showing you Puerto Rico's natural wonders through a "Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience every time! Main listing details: : Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. is a legally licensed outfitter of Nature & Adventure tours since 1997 and holds its permits with the Department of Natural Resources & the U.S. Forestry Department.

The company owners are a husband & wife team that for the last twelve years have worked together pushing daily to bring professional, quality standards to our guests & clients, working toward our goal of a "Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience every time! Pushing to become known for our concern for the environment and implementation of laws that will help protect it. In 2006 Michael S. Grasso Jr. & Nilsa Montanez attended their first of two Green Globe Courses here they became exposed to IES or "International Eco Tourism Standard" and have been focused on bringing their business and field operations to Bench Mark status hoping that in the future they will be able to have all tours rated under Best Practice!

Our Mission Statement:
Is to ensure that every guest who comes to Puerto Rico and becomes apart of our tours enjoys an exciting, safe, eco adventure and develops consciousness of our invaluable natural resources. To deliver a service that meets and exceeds all their expectations and that every one of these individuals leaves Puerto Rico with knowledge of its culture, its people, its natural wonders and the pleasures of visiting our island.

Our goal is to provide our guest with a Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience every time! By following International Eco Tourism Standards and reaching for Green Globe benchmarking and eco tour certifications we believe that our mission will be accomplished. This will keep us seeing our clients year after year and many new clients will come with “word of mouth” and our well gained good reputation!

We are proud to offer a wide variety of Eco Tours that range from Kayaking Tours, Hiking & Nature Walk Tours to Biking Tours all of which enter into some of our islands most delicate ecosystems, of which none of them leave even a footprint behind! Did you know that Puerto Rico has eight ecosystems on an island 110 by 36 aerial miles, this adds up to a rich diversity within a very small area!

Our highlight tours are located on the Northeast coast of the island from Rio Grande to Fajardo and start in the only "Tropical Rainforest" in the U.S. Forestry System! Our "Rainforest Nature Walk to Waterfall Adventure" is an unforgettable adventure into the interior of the only Tropical Rainforest in the U.S. Forestry system locally known as the "El Yunque" 28,000 acres of lush plants, hardwood trees, cloud forests, dwarf forest, rivers, waterfalls, birds, insects, lizards and beautiful flowers along with a rich culture and historical background make for a breath taking day via or guided nature walks! We offer two time frames that average two hours on trail time along with a lightweight canvas backpack and clean dry towel for each guest!

Love Nature and the water ? We also offer morning and afternoon kayak trips through mangrove channels that lead into Laguna Grande! Our "Nature Lovers Kayak Adventure" allows you to enjoy calm, quite paddling as nature awakes around you, Tree Iguanas moving down from their roost starting to warm their bodies in the sun, Spotted Red Mangrove Crabs start their forage for food, Great White Egrets and Blue Herons stalk the shallows looking for a meal, Kingfishers, Brown Pelicans, 36 species of Warblers, Frigates, insects, seven ecosystems, historical lighthouse, spectral views and a swim in Seven Seas make for a great start to your day! This activity is offered once daily in the morning and has a two hour in water time frame with a three hour total at site time, it is guided and all needed kayak and safety equipment are included!

Puerto Rico also has three of five year round bays that have the right conditions to support a year round concentration of “Pyrodinium Bahamense” a species of “Dinoflagellate” or what is better known as a Bioluminescent Organism. These microscopic plankton under the right conditions can be seen from the seat of a kayak in a thick concentration that ranges from 450,000 to 750,000 plankton per every gallon of water within the bay known as "Laguna Grande" or Large Lagoon located in the town of Fajardo!

Our "Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Adventure" is a must see and by many of our guests a Once in a Lifetime Experience as guides lead you through a mangrove lined channel into Laguna Grande where each stroke of your paddle light up a bioluminescent blue-green and fish of forty different species dart off from under your kayak lighting up like shooting stars as they swim through the thick concentration of dinoflagellate. This along with seven of eight ecosystems found in this area, four species of mangroves, iguanas, abundance of bird life and a historical light house make for an unforgettable evening!

We offer two evening time frames, high quality guides and equipment that meet yearly U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Natural Resources safety inspections, tours average two hours in water time and round up to three hours start to finish once at site. This activity is best during the darkest cycles of the moon, so if your vacation to PR happens to fall during the full-moon cycle don't miss our "Full Moon Eco Kayak Adventure" this guided tour takes a focus on the areas seven eco systems, flora and fauna, historical lighthouse and if conditions are right a possible glimpse of "Dinoflagellate" in the shaded sections of the mangrove channel. This area under the moonlight is beautiful as shadows play on the water, filtered light brings out many of the nocturnal birds feeding in the shadows, along with star filled skies its a must do!

Looking to see Puerto Rico and its Natural Wonders Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. offers day & Night Fully Guided Nature & Adventure tours we also offer round trip transportation from your hotel to the tour site and back to your hotel if needed! We would love to help you plan your Eco Vacation to Puerto Rico and if your stay is short feel free to ask about our full day and evening package deal "Rainforest to Ocean Adventure"! If you are interested in more information please contact us via e-mail at; enchantedislandecotours@libertypr.net or via phone at 787-888-2887!

Hope to See You Soon!


All Tours are done on none motorized equipment, all tours are fully guided and guides are trained twice a month on the content of the natural area and its ecosystem, flora and fauna as to deliver a better interpretation to our guests.

We encourage our guests to not use heavy body products before the tours and offer them botanical products at the tour site.

Our operation practices "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle along with "Pack It In Pack It Out" always cleaning our sites of man made trash, always bringing out what we bring in and seeing it to proper disposal or recycle locations.

Company owners and guide staff assist in cleanups around the island hoping to set an example that littering is not the right choice.

We are currently underway with a new project for our vehicles "Water for Fuel" this is a simple installation that will allow better fuel economy and reduced emissions of up to fifty percent allowing our trucks and vans to use less fuel and admit less emissions during their daily transport to and from the tour sites.

Studying and practicing Green Globe and IES guidelines for our operational site and field operations, pushing for bench mark and then on to best practice.

Promoting "Responsible Marketing" and supporting laws to protect our natural resources such as "Say No to Swimming" in Laguna Grande and "Enjoy La Mina from the Banks".

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